Sep 122014
Ollie and Quincy

Ollie Howell with legendary film soundtrack composer and record producer, Quincy Jones.

London-based drummer Ollie Howell, who brings his acclaimed quintet to Aberdeen next week, has some high profile admirers.With thanks to Rob Adams.

Howell ‘floored’ Quincy Jones, the legendary film soundtrack composer and record producer who worked with Frank Sinatra and oversaw Michael Jackson’s multi-million-selling album Thriller, during a performance staged to feature some of the best students at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff in 2009.

This led to Jones, who is affectionately known in the music business as Q, mentoring the Wallingford-born Howell and monitoring his progress as he has moved into a full-time professional career.

“Quincy’s one-quarter Welsh and was being presented with an honorary doctorate at the RWCMD when I was a student there,” says Howell.

“I was a big fan of his work on the Sinatra at the Sands album and when he invited me to New York to play with some of his friends after hearing me on that concert in Cardiff, I had to pinch myself. He later invited me to Montreux Jazz Festival and I’ll be visiting him in Los Angeles later this year to go through plans for my next album.”

Howell has also been taken under the wing of the legendary former Miles Davis drummer Jimmy Cobb, who featured on Davis’s classic Kind of Blue album, and is the first musical recipient of a Sky award, having won a Sky Academy Arts Scholarship earlier this year. A television documentary will be screened on the Sky Arts channel during 2015 as a result.

In between these and other career highs, which include winning the prestigious Peter Whittingham Development Award in 2012, Howell has had to deal with being diagnosed with a debilitating brain malfunction, which required urgent surgery. He has now fully recovered and named his first album, Sutures and Stitches, which was released on Whirlwind Recordings, after the experience.

His quintet, which features tenor saxophonist Duncan Eagles, trumpeter Mark Perry, pianist Matt Robinson and bassist Max Luthert, appears at the Blue Lamp, Gallowgate on Thursday September 18 at 8pm.

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Jun 242014

There’s a weekend of top punk bands playing next month at The Tunnels. Voice’s Andrew Watson previews this upcoming event.

Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi

‘Freedom of Aberdeen City’ is the area’s summer punk rock festival which is brought to you by DIY promoters Bile Yer Heid and Eck Ruffneck on Friday 4th at 18:00 and Saturday 5th July at 13:00.

Friday’s lineup is Steve Ignorant & Paranoid Visions, Rubella Ballet, Shatterhand, The Cundeez (Dundee) and local noise punks The Obscenities.

Paranoid Visions are Ireland’s most infamous punk bands, and have Steve Ignorant, the vocalist from Crass, guesting on this year’s tour.

Rubella Ballet, who scored a Top Ten hit in the UK Indie Charts, will be playing their first Scottish gig since the early 1980s..

Saturday sees The Mob, Oi Polloi, Hooligan (Dublin), The System (Wigan), Black Light Mutants (Manchester), Battery Humans (Northumberland), Subvision (Fife), Down To Kill (Edinburgh), The Eddies (Dundee), Aberdeen City’s Toxik Ephex, Against All Flags (Inverness/the West Highlands), and Aberdeenshire’s Mark Ayling and Skizofrenik.

The Mob are straight off the back of a USA tour, having recently reformed. The south-west of England melodic punk band have not played Aberdeen since around 1983.

Oi Polloi return to Aberdeen for the first time in three years and have new, original Gaelic-language numbers to play for the punks and skins.

This will be a complete one-off event with many notable and influential political punk rock acts, coming from all corners of England, Ireland and Scotland.

A Friday gig ticket is £15 for five bands, a Saturday gig ticket is £15 for thirteen bands. To see all eighteen bands over the two days duration is only £25. Tickets are available from Cafe Drummond, or from

May 302014

The Phantom BandInteresting music promotions present The Phantom Band and Adam Stafford at The Tunnels on Friday 6 June 2014

Even the most adventurous alchemists return to their favoured base elements in the pursuit of maximum potency.

So it was that The Phantom Band – those wilfully mercurial outriders – reached album number three seeking a return to the first principles of performance that brought them together to begin with.

Strange Friend (due for release on 2nd June) was, in vocalist Rick Anthony’s words, borne out of:

“a desire to try and get back to that feeling of it just being a bunch of us in a room playing music together.” 

It’s an attempt to capture the six of them live; raw, rugged, perhaps looser, but still fit to burst with earworms and oddities from every nook and cranny.

Strange Friend doesn’t have one firm concept at its root but several, infused with multiple meanings it reflects the constant percolation of voices within the Scottish six-piece, all jostling for their say.

Says Anthony of the album’s title:

“It can indirectly refer to a lot of different things, 

“Living in a world that’s increasingly hyper-connected through the internet yet increasingly disconnected in terms of actual real human relationships. It could also refer to the band and our relationships to each other; our individual relationship to the band as a thing; our relationship to this particular album. It’s like a strange friend that we can’t quite shake. Or our relationship to music as a whole.”

Yet musically Strange Friend is perhaps the most straight-up set of recordings the band have put to wax.

Fans of their previous critically-acclaimed albums, fear not; those burbling, fluttering electronics that drag their sound through a wormhole and out into the 70’s alongside the soundtracks of John Carpenter and the kosmische of Kraftwerk and Neu! remain; the elements of folk; the woozy organ sounds.

The difference is now it feels as though an imaginary thread’s been pulled tight through it all; The Phantom Band were always a rock band that enjoyed pushing the pre-conceptions of what that could mean – never the other way round. Strange Friend, take the driving opening track and first single, ‘The Wind That Cried The World’.

Singer, Rick Redbeard commented:

“The verses have a kind of nursery rhyme musical naivety and we wanted the choruses to just sort of blast in. The lyrics were kind of stream of consciousness that alludes somewhat to the inherent meaninglessness and randomness of artistic creation. The whole track acts as a nice opener and first single; a sort of a statement of intent after being away for so long.”

It’s been three and a half years since anyone heard anything from The Phantom Band, something that they disregard as a notable time away.

“We’ve always moved at our own glacial pace,” says guitarist Duncan Marquiss.

Yet, with due respect to the group, their absence has been long enough to have been felt; their time taken in getting the record together was down partly to the inevitabilities of outside lives, partly due to a change of drummer – with Iain Stewart now behind the kit – and partly because of the fiercely democratic ethos the band has maintained since its beginning.

Strange Friend, like their previous outings, is the sound of six clearly distinct personalities attempting to inflict their will on the rest of the group – it’s no surprise the phrase ‘love/hate’ is brought up repeatedly by all its members in an attempt to describe their relationship with the band as an entity – but it’s that fission between each other’s contributions that provides the intangible individuality of their music.

“Like all true utopias it can feel impossible to maintain,” admits Marquiss.

“But we’d have fallen apart long ago if any one band member took the reins, and that friction between people throws up music that no single person in the band would have imagined otherwise. I still hope our utopia will turn into whisky fountains and flying sandwiches.”

It’s something that you can’t help but feel would be fully deserved for these most strange but wonderful returning friends.

Adam Stafford is a musician and filmmaker from Falkirk, Central Scotland. Now based in Glasgow he is the founder of Wise Blood Industries and was the singer and songwriter in the group Y’all is Fantasy Island (active between 05-11).

In November 2010 he recorded the solo LP Build a Harbour Immediately which was co-produced by Paul Savage (Mogwai/ex-Delgados) in Chem 19 Studios. It was released on Wise Blood in August 2011 to critical acclaim and featured on many End-of-Year lists in the music blogging community (read them HERE).

Recently he has been concentrating on live solo work and films. He has won seven international awards for his short documentary The Shutdown, made in collaboration with novelist Alan Bissett, directed a music video for The Twilight Sad’s single Seven Years of Letters (winner of Best Video at the New Scottish Music Awards 2011).

He recently completed a 2nd short film No Hope For Men Below (2012), a poetic dramatisation of The Redding Pit Disaster in Falkirk 1923.

In July 2013 Stafford issued the follow-up to Harbour, titled Imaginary Walls Collapse via Edinburgh label Song, by Toad and Canadian imprint Kingfisher Bluez to unanimously positive reviews.

In April 2014, Imaginary Walls Collapse was long-listed for The Scottish Album of the Year Award.

The Phantom Band + Adam Stafford

Friday 6 June 2014
The Tunnels (Room 1),
Carnegies Brae,
Aberdeen AB10 1BF.Phone (01224) 211121

Doors 8.00pm
Tickets £9+bf in adv / £11 on door
Available from

Limited amount will be available (no booking fee for cash sales) from iiMusic, The Academy, Belmont St.

May 012014

Singer Christine Tobin, who appears at The Blue Lamp on May 22, might be crowned Vocalist of the Year by order of Parliament by the time she arrives in Gallowgate, says promoter Rob Adams.


Christine Tobin appears at The Blue Lamp on May 22

Dublin-born Tobin, who studied at the Guildhall School of Music, has just been shortlisted for the title, along with recent Aberdeen Jazz Festival star Zara MacFarlane and two other singers, in the Parliamentary Jazz Awards, the UK’s most prestigious recognition for jazz musicians, educators, media workers and organisations.

Nomination is open to the public but the final decisions are made by the All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group, whose members represent both Commons and Lords and work to raise the profile of UK jazz.

The results will be announced on May 13 in a ceremony on the Commons’ Terrace Pavilion and having come close to awards for Best Musician and Best Album in previous years, Tobin, 51, is hoping that this will be third time lucky.

“It’s always nice to get recognition for your work,”

says Tobin, who won Best Vocalist at the 2008 BBC Jazz Awards and a British Composer Award for her 2012 album Sailing to Byzantium. She also won a Herald Angel at the Edinburgh Fringe last August for the show that she’s bringing to Aberdeen, A Thousand Kisses Deep, her salute to singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen.

She will be accompanied by guitarist Phil Robson, who has worked with Barbra Streisand, and double bassist Dave Whitford

A Thousand Kisses Deep is also the title of Tobin’s latest Proper Note album, launched at a sold-out concert at Ronnie Scott’s in March. It comes just in time to mark Leonard Cohen’s 80th birthday year.

“I’ve been a fan of his since I was ten,” says Tobin.

My sister had the Fill Your Head with Rock album, a diverse compilation of early 1970s music. Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Know Who I Am’ was on it and I loved it. Forty years later I still love it and I’m really looking forward to singing it at The Blue Lamp because it’s such a great, warmly-intimate venue.”

Thu May 22: Blue Lamp, 121 Gallowgate, Aberdeen 8pm 01224 641122

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Feb 272014

rannok_photoA very special collaboration is happening in three North East town this month. With thanks to Shona Donaldson.

Danish folk duo Rannok are making the trip to Scotland for joint concert’s with well-known traditional fiddler Paul Anderson and singer Shona Donaldson.

While studying at The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark, Michael Graubæk and pianist Theis Langlands started the Rannok duo, playing what has been described as ‘a masterly blend of fiery folk music, authentic traditional tunes, and original compositions which give that contemporary touch’.

Rannok released their first album in 2010, dedicating it to both the Danish folk music tradition and to innovation.

Since then the duo have played at venues and festivals in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and all over Scotland, where they have met with particular audience approval. In fact Rannok’s first album was partly financed by Scottish fans who thought it high time they produced a cd.

“When we are composing our own music”, Michael says,

“we are influenced by the traditional sound of Danish music and the Scots as well. Theis is married to a Scots girl and has lived in Scotland, so we know the music. A couple of hundred years back, the Danish and British traditions were closer than they are today, and that’s the sound we’re aiming for”.

Paul Anderson, who is based in Tarland is already something of a legend in the time honoured fiddle tradition of Scotland. During his competitive career he won most of the traditional fiddle championships in Scotland and in 1995 won Scotland’s premier fiddling event ‘The Glenfiddich Scottish Fiddle Championship’. A regular on TV and radio, Paul has recorded 9 solo album and guested on over 40 CD’s.

Hailing from Huntly but now living in Deeside Shona Donaldson is one of Scotland’s best known young traditional singers. In 2009 she won the coveted Scots Singer of the Year Award at the Scots Traditional Music Awards. She has a particular enthusiasm for the songs of the North East and as well as singing plays the fiddle.

The collaboration between two of Denmark’s most acclaimed musicians and two of Scotland’s best known traditional musicians is certainly not to be missed. It promises to be a great night of music and song!

Rannok, Paul Anderson and Shona Donaldson will be appearing at Tarland Primary School in Tarland on Friday 14th March and the concert starts at 7.30pm and tickets are £7.

On Saturday 15th March Rannok will be leading a music workshop in the Village Hall in Braemar at 2pm and all instruments are welcome to learn from two of Denmark’s most acclaimed musicians. The workshop will cost £10.

The concert in Braemar will be in The Village Hall at 7.30pm and tickets are £7.

On Sunday 15th Rannok will again be leading a workshop in The Gordon Arms Hotel in Huntly at 2pm with all instruments welcome and it is £10.

The concert on Sunday night will be in The Gordon Arms Hotel, Huntly at 7.30pm and tickets are £7 on the door.


Paul Anderson

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Feb 212014

Join Larry in The Secret Life of Suitcases as his world is turned upside down and he discovers the thrill of an adventure and the joy of coming home again. Catch it at the Lemon Tree Monday 14 April at 2pm. With Thanks to Liz Smith.

SuitcaseThe Secret Life of Suitcases is a funny and enchanting show, a new collaboration with the Unicorn Theatre, London, by writer/director Lewis Hetherington and puppeteer/designer Ailie Cohen.
The production opens on Saturday 15 March at Platform, Glasgow, followed by a two month Scottish tour prior to a London run at the Unicorn.

This is the first ever co-production between one of Scotland’s leading puppetry companies and the UK’s leading theatre for young audiences.

During the tour the show will also be playing at The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen.

Larry works in an office and he likes it very much. He likes sorting and tidying and generally putting things in order. Everything in its place, a place for everything.

But one day, a suitcase suddenly appears at his door. The suitcase has a tiny label. A tiny label with Larry’s name on it. And this suitcase has a mission…

It will be a playful, huge hearted piece for small people with giant imaginations that celebrates an analogue, handcrafted aesthetic in a digital world.

Lewis Hetherington, writer of  Leaving Planet Earth, Grid Iron’s Edinburgh International Festival 2013 show and internationally renowned puppeteer Ailie Cohen, are two of Scotland’s most admired children’s theatre makers. Their previous collaboration Cloudman, was described as ‘…a joy to behold…‘ (The Herald) and has toured throughout Scotland, across the UK, including Imaginate Festival (Edinburgh) and Southbank Centre (London) and worldwide including the USA and Japan, garnering critical praise and playing to sell-out audiences.

The music for The Secret Life of Suitcases is composed by Niroshini Thambar and lighting design is by Andrew Gannon. Lewis Hetherington and Ailie Cohen have also received funding from Creative Scotland to create The Secret Life of Suitcases mobile app that will be launched later this year.

This Creative Scotland funded production is part of the Puppet Animation Festival and co-produced by the Unicorn Theatre, London. The production has been selected by The Touring Network (Highlands and Islands) and Arts nan Eilean for touring in these regions.

Feb 042014

The Zombies, Animals & Friends, The Yardbirds, Maggie Bell and members of The Spencer Davis Group have embarked on a UK tour which includes a concert in Aberdeen on 15th February.

ZOMBIES_SOFA pic With this amazing line-up that had 37 hit records  in the UK charts for over 300 weeks you are guaranteed an unforgettable night.  Come and celebrate 50 years of Rhythm and Blues with the artists that shaped music for generations to come.

Ultimate Rhythm and Blues 50th Anniversary Tour

The Ultimate Rhythm and Blues 50th Anniversary Tour brings together a one time line up of British Invasion rock royalty.

The Zombies, Animals & Friends, The Yardbirds, Spencer Davis and Maggie Bell clock up an amazing 37 hit records between them and can boast over 300 weeks in the charts!

The Zombies, led by Rod Argent on keyboards and Colin Blunstone on vocals, scored US hits in the mid and late 1960s with ‘She’s Not There’, ‘Tell Her No’, and ‘Time of the Season’. Their 1968 album ‘Odessey and Oracle’ is ranked 80 on Rolling Stone’s list of 500 Greatest Albums of all Time.

Animals & Friends are exemplified by their signature song and transatlantic No.1 hit single, ‘The House of the Rising Sun’, as well as by hits such as ‘We Gotta Get Out of This Place’, ‘It’s My Life’, and ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’. The band balanced tough, rock-edged pop singles against rhythm and blues-oriented album material and were known in the US as part of the British Invasion, alongside the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

YardbirdspicGraduating three of the great PhDs of rock guitar; Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, The Yardbirds were the bridge between the tributary white R&B of early 1960s London, and the pastures of the fuzz-toned psychedelia and power-chorded heavy metal much later in the decade and throughout the 1970s.

The line-up on this tour sees Chris Dreja replaced by original guitarist, Top Topham due to health issues.

Completing the line-up is Maggie Bell  and Dave Berry has joined the package.

Maggie Bell is often referred to over her long career as ‘Britain’s Janis Joplin’ and known to millions as the voice of TV’s ‘Taggart’ theme, ‘No Mean City’.

So come along for an unforgettable night celebrating 50 years of hits with the artists that shaped music for generations to come.

Don’t miss this chance to hear the musical revolution of 1964.


Wednesday 5th: TUNBRIDGE WELLS, Assembly Hall Theatre,
Crescent Rd  Tunbridge Wells,Kent,TN1 2LU

7.30pm  £27.50   01892 530613

Thursday 6th: CHATHAM, The Central Theatre, Chatham:
170 High St, ME4 4AS

7.30pm   £27.50   £25  :01634 338338

Friday 7th: NORTHAMPTON, The Royal & The Derngate,
Guildhall Road, Northampton, NN1 1DP  01604  624811

Saturday 8th: CANTERBURY, Marlowe Theatre,
The Friars  Canterbury CT1 2AS

7.30pm  £27.50  ( Marlowe friends £25)  01227 787787

Sunday 9th: SOUTHEND, Cliffs Pavillion,
Station Rd  Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS0 7RA

7.30pm £28.50  £26   01702 351135

Thursday 13th: PERTH, The Concert Hall, Perth
Mill St, PH1 5HZ  01738 621031

7.30pm  £29.50 no concessions

Friday 14th: GLASGOW, The Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
2 Sauchiehall St, G2 3NY

7.30pm  £27.50  £25.50  0141 353 8000

Saturday 15th: ABERDEEN, The Music Hall,
Union St, AB10 1QS 01224 632080

7.30pm £26.oo/£28.50

Wednesday 19th: MANCHESTER, The Bridgewater Hall,
Lower Mosley St, Lancashire M2 3WS

7.30pm  £27.50  £25   0844 907 9000

Thursday 20th: SALISBURY, The City Hall,
Malthouse Ln  Salisbury, Wiltshire SP2 7TU 01722434434

            7.30pm  £27.50  £25 Online tickets + £1.50 B/F per ticket

Friday 21st: PLYMOUTH, Plymouth Pavilions
Millbay Rd, PL1 3LF 0845 146 1460

 7.30pm    £27.50, £25 + £3 booking fee per ticket

Saturday 22nd: POOLE, The Lighthouse, Poole
21 Kingland Rd, Dorset BH15 1UG

7.30pm  £27.50 £25  0844 406 8666
Students and U18s £2 off  ATL card holders and groups please call – 0844 406 8666 to book

Sunday 23rd: NOTTINGHAM, The Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham Royal Centre,
Theatre Square, NG1 5ND 7.30pm  0115 989 5555

£27.50  £25  email

Tuesday 25th: BIRMINGHAM, Symphony Hall, Birmingham
Victoria Square, B3 3DQ

B/O  0121 780 4949.  7.30pm   £25, £27.50 plus transaction fee

Wednesday 26th: LLANDUDNO, Venue Cymru, Llandudno
The Promenade, LL30 1BB

7.30pm  £27.50  £25 01492 872000


Saturday 1st: LIVERPOOL,  Philharmonic, Liverpool.
Hope St, L1 9BP    0151 709 3789

7.30pm  £33.50  £27.50  £25 + Booking fees

Sunday 2nd: BLACKPOOL, Opera House, Blackpool.
97 Church St  City Centre, FY1 1HU

Doors 7pm  £27.50  £25  B/O 0844 856 1111

Tuesday 4th: GATESHEAD, The Sage, Gateshead
St Mary’s Square, Gateshead Quays, Tyne and Wear NE8 2JR 0191 443 4661

7.30pm (hall 1)  £27.50  £25.50 + (£2.50 handling fee)

Friday 7th: LEICESTER, De Montfort Hall, Leicester
Granville Rd, LE1 7RU 0116 233 3111

7.30pm  £27.50 £25.50  Concessions £22.50 £24

Dec 242013

At the Lemon Tree on the 29th December, Terry McDermott & The Bonfires make their first return to the UK since launching their debut CD ‘Palmetto Heights EP’ on Fat Hippy Records in June this year.

Terry McDermott - Credit Matt JollyAberdeen’s Terry McDermott has made a big difference to the city’s Fat Hippy Records since they released the CD back in June.

Following his success last year on ‘The Voice USA’, Terry has developed a massive worldwide fan base, and has brought a lot of attention to Aberdeen and its many amazing musicians by choosing to work with Fat Hippy again.

Thanks to Terry, the label made it to LA earlier this month with Amy Sawers and Craig John Davidson; and with his help they are planning a tour to New Orleans next year.

Terry’s continued support and passion for all things Aberdonian is never-ending!  So get along and support one of Aberdeen’s most avid supporters and ambassadors when he returns to Scotland in December to play The Lemon Tree with his most favourite label mates Amy Sawers and Craig John Davidson.

If ever there was a hard working Aberdeen musician that deserved a sold out Lemon Tree to play to, it’s this guy!

More Info:


Aberdeen tickets:

Events page: Fat Hippy Records presents Terry McDermott Music & The Bonfires with support from Amy Sawers and Craig John Davidson at Aberdeen’s The Lemon Tree on 29th December

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Dec 062013

SweetAdelinesXmasfeatWith thanks to Linda Allan.

A few weeks ago The Aberdeen Chorus of Sweet Adelines had to come to terms with two devastating blows. Not only was the weekly rehearsal venue no longer available but that this also meant the loss of a venue for one of the Christmas Shows.

So the search began to find new premises – not an easy task when the Chorus numbers seventy five ladies and the group also requires storage space for items such as electronic equipment and large complex tiered staging.

Despite this major disruption to the normally smooth running of weekly rehearsals, the Chorus has risen to the challenge to produce a Christmas Show again this year.

You will even have two opportunities to hear this talented six time gold medal-winning Chorus – on Friday 13 December at 7:30pm in Peterculter Parish Church and on Sunday 15 December at 2:30pm in Queen’s Cross Church.

Gwen Topp, the Chorus Director, has once again demonstrated her considerable creative talent and artistic expertise to take the planned show and modify it for a new venue.

“Our Aberdeen audiences have supported us so well in the past.  We couldn’t let them down this year!” said Gwen.

This show is wonderful seasonal entertainment, suitable for all the family and all ages.  There will be traditional Christmas carols as well as other Chorus favourites, all sung a cappella with sparkling four part harmonies and lots of fun.  If you look very carefully, you may even catch a glimpse of some frisky wee reindeer and see some nifty hoof-work!

Thanks to Sport Aberdeen, The Chorus has now found a temporary rehearsal venue in the Westburn Park Bowling Club Lounge in Aberdeen and meets there on a Monday evening at 7pm.

All ladies are very welcome to come and meet us, as we are always looking for new singers.  Meantime the difficult search continues for a permanent home and we look forward to announcing this on our website in due course.

Contact Info:

Linda Allan.
Marketing and Publicity
Aberdeen Chapter of Sweet Adelines International Corporation
Registered as a Charity in Scotland number SCO44140
Email: Linda Allan  or  Mob 07590690392

Oct 172013

Singer Cindy Douglas has come up with a novel way of combining two of her passions – food and jazz – and serving them up to people in rural communities as pop-up jazz supper clubs. Photos by Alicia Bruce.

Cindy Douglas © Alicia BruceOn a recent trip to New York, Cindy observed that citizens of the Big Apple can go out for dinner and enjoy jazz at the same time in intimate and sophisticated surroundings, whereas jazz in Scotland tends to be presented in formal concert halls and arts centres or in pubs where the jazz is relegated to being background music.

Following the trend in larger towns and cities for pop-up cafes and restaurants, the Netherley-based singer has devised Eat to the Beat, a jazz supper club that will pop up initially in villages in Aberdeenshire and the Mearns.

On the menu will be great food from a roster of high-class chefs, and fine jazz from Cindy Douglas and her musicians, in locations where jazz concerts are a rarity. The plan is to roll out the project throughout Scotland and beyond.

I think of Ronnie Scott’s in London and The Blue Note and The Village Vanguard in New York, and these are places where food is part of the experience that makes going out more of an event,” says Cindy, whose singing style has been described as exuberant, mesmerising and versatile and whose repertoire covers jazz standards and original songs.

Village halls in Scotland may be miles away from these venues in every sense but I think we can give people in these communities an opportunity to socialise and make their night out one to remember for all the right reasons.”

Experience Eat to the Beat on

23 November 2013, 19:30
Auchenblae Village Hall,
Monboddo Street,
Auchenblae AB30 1XQ

Tickets: £25, includes a 2 course meal

29 November 2013, 19:30
Touched By Scotland,
Ryehill Cottage Oyne,
Insch, AB52 6QS

Tickets: £25, includes a 2 course meal


What the critics say about Cindy Douglas…

–          Singer-led jazz with a smile on its face. The Musician
–          The extremely talented vocalist sings with all her heart and soul and her glamorous voice reflects that. Jazz Beat, Voice of America
–          Explores everything from bebop to swing to world music … the song arrangements are full of captivating detail. Jazzwise

For further information on the Eat to the Beat pop-up jazz supper club, contact Cindy on 07840 884973 or by email at


All pictures © Alicia Bruce

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