Q. Can anyone submit an article?

A. Yes! And if the article or information is of sufficient quality and credibility, and relevant and/or of general interest to people in Aberdeen and the Northeast of Scotland, Aberdeen voice will publish.

Q. Will there be any restrictions on the material I submit?

A. Hopefully not. Aberdeen Voice aims to encourage freedom of expression, but must operate within the same legal framework and moral sensibilities as all other publications. Therefore, material which would be generally regarded as distasteful, offensive, personalised, or libelous/defamatory would need to be ruled out.

Aberdeen Voice does not assume that contributors are familiar with libel legislation, therefore we ask that you refer to the brief overview available via the following link.

Libel Overview

Q. How do I submit material for inclusion?

A.  In the first instance please contact us. Use our contact form with any information or ideas you wish us to consider for an article. Please note that you must provide your real name so that the article can be credited to you. Anonymous submissions will not be accepted.

Q. My idea has been accepted, what now?

We will send you submission guidelines to be adhered to when submitting articles for inclusion.

Q. What happens after I submit my article?

A. We will send you an email acknowledging your submission. Before your article can appear in Aberdeen Voice, it must be proofread and checked for legal issues. Normally, material must be submitted by 5pm on a Tuesday to be published on the following Friday. However, situations may arise where an article may be ‘fast tracked’ e.g if an item of breaking news comes to our attention on a Thursday, and would be of little value to publish the week after.

Likewise, situations may also arise where an article may be deemed to have more potential if it is deferred for improvement/expansion or to coincide with a pertinent date/event.

Q. So if my material passes the legal, moral and grammatical checks, will it be published in full?

A. Although it is our wish to publish in their entirity, it may be necessary/desirable in some circumstances to edit, or use parts thereof. There is generally a 500 word limit for submissions, but this is subject to relevance, and quality of information.

Where other than minor changes are necessary, the authors approval will be sought re. content to be published, as well as information as to context of use. Great care will be taken to credit all authors/photographers by name. Articles submitted anonymously will not be processed.