Aberdeen Voice are a group of volunteers who derive no income from the venture.

We were brought together by a desire to produce, in the first instance, an online weekly journal reflecting pertinent issues to the people of the city of Aberdeen and shire.

None of us have millions to offer the city, but we do offer our time and work for free in the hope that we can factually enlighten where possible and provide interesting and positive articles about the feats and efforts of the people of Grampian.

We rely largely on article contributions made by the people of Aberdeen and Grampian for articles ranging from current local affairs to sport, the arts, humour (mostly local and topical) and generally anything deemed relevant, interesting or important to the people of Aberdeen.

It is important to us to generate a list of subscribers, a subscription involves no money changing hands, merely the supply of your e-mail address so we can notify you of new issues. Naturally, it also gives us an indication of our circulation.

From our first meeting, of twelve complete strangers brought together via a social networking site, to our first publication took less than 3 weeks. Our initial goal was to publish within 2 weeks, but proved a little too ambitious.

Nonetheless, we have a structure in place that can now facilitate the production of issues in a more seamless fashion.

It is important to us that we maintain our independent status, ideally through the entire life cycle of the publication. To this end we shall aim to provide a balanced reflection of several sides of an argument, as long as any argument does not contravene the Aberdeen Voice mission statement.