Sep 182015

With thanks to Eoin Smith, Senior Account Executive, Tricker PR.

Loch Ness Marathon selfie with Nessie story. Tricker PR

Tricker PR’s Nessie Selfie campaign hit the headlines across the globe, offering £50,000 to anyone who is photobombed by the iconic loch beastie.

A low budget PR campaign to promote the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon – with a fund for props of just £5.99 – will go head to head with global brand giants Sky Atlantic, PG Tips, The Discovery Channel, Acer Computers and Eurostar Trains in the national Dream Awards.

Nessie will be involved in a six-way challenge with animatronic polar bears and sharks – and a knitted monkey that scaled The Shard in London – at the Grosvenor Hotel in London in a bid to be recognised as one of UK’s most remarkable marketing campaigns.

The big idea and creative concept behind the Nessie Selfie campaign has been nominated in the Best PR Event or Stunt category for Aberdeen PR agency Tricker PR. 

The stunt involved offering a £50k cash prize for any marathon runners who could have the race day selfie photobombed by the internationally renowned prehistoric sea monster … and World Hide and Seek Champion since 565 AD.

“In times of trouble and consternation, we have a little mantra in the Tricker PR office – WWKKD,” says Managing Director Beverley Tricker.

“It’s not a code word to crack out bizarrely coloured alcopops. It’s an acronym for the question, What Would Kim Kardashian Do? Faced with the challenge of dreaming up a way to get global coverage for the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon, we looked to Kimye for inspiration and once again found the answer in her sage advice. Take a selfie, of course!

“We made a splash with our headline-grabbing stunt, generating coverage in consumer press, television shows and running magazines across the continents. In the digital world alone, the story was seen by 2.13m people and shared on social media 4.19K times. Even Nessie herself sent us a Tweet to say she’ll be there for the right price so who knows what will happen on race day?

“Our team estimate that their budget was considerably less than those of the competitor campaigns which included the PG Tips monkey scaling The Shard for Comic Relief, sharks in the boating pond in Finsbury Park and a moving polar bear on the Tube.

“But even with little budget for major ‘stuntery’ and scant allowance for props for a photo, we’re now in the finals of a national award against global giants. Who’d have thought the wee beastie in the loch could still command such global reverence?

“And more to the point, who would have thought that we’d be sitting slack-jawed by the conversation we had with a US-based journalist who obviously thought Nessie (whisper it) was real! Total circulation of the media coverage exceeded 4 million and it received international coverage in Europe, North and South America, Australia and Africa.”

Tricker PR’s trophy cabinet already holds more than 30 industry awards for their creative campaigns such as the ‘Save Our Dram’ campaign which sought the validation of the ‘dram’ as an official measure for whisky to promote the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, and the introduction of Venison Ice Cream for the Royal Deeside Venison Festival. Tricker PR also works for a host of business to business clients including Clark IT, Hall Morrice and Aberdeen Asset Management.

More about Tricker PR can be found at, by calling 01224 646491 or by emailing Like Tricker PR on Facebook at and follow @trickertweets on Twitter.

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Mar 222012

Old Susannah takes a humanoid angle on the Provost’s exit, the who’s who of deer cull councillors, alledged  cybercrime, the police box/granite web, and the Cameron and Clegg creatures.  By Suzanne Kelly 


Happy Friday everyone!  So much has been happening in our Vibrant ‘Deen it is hard to know where to start.

Bad news first I suppose:  with a heavy heart I must inform you that our Lord Provost will not be joining the council next year.  Soon his clothing allowance and civic car privileges will pass to another.

But which young pretender will take the crown, chain of office and supply of carriage clocks?

HoMalone, if she manages to get re-elected may stand some chance; she was  deemed the worthiest LibDem in the land.  And now that she leads the LibDems, I’m sure there’s no stopping her.

At least we’ll all get to go to Provost Stephen’s portrait unveiling party before the end comes. . .  guess his LibDem pals will have to find someone else to hitch rides with other than in the civic car at our expense.  Steve Delaney, who will contest the Lord Provost’s seat in the May, got a ride from the obliging taxpayer in the civic car as he was late for something or other.  We are too kind. I’d have given him a carriage clock as well, so he wouldn’t be late next time.  Perhaps he already has one?

A very silly rumour reaches Old Susannah; it can’t be true.  I hear that the virtuous ex-Councillor Richard Robertson, who quit the city council over the 3rd Don Crossing, wants to run in Torry/Ferryhill.  Now, as a Torry resident who’s been going to the community council meetings recently, I am not sure that someone who voted in favour of shooting our deer and against letting me and the Cove Community Chairman speak to the Housing & Environment Committee to try and save the deer is going to find many votes in this part of town.

In fact, if the people who we spoke to last Saturday in town while handing out flyers about the cull are anything to go by, then I doubt any of the following deer killers are going to get great receptions at the ballot box.

 One ambitious girl seems to have grown up with the Dalek as a role model.  Step forward Aileen Malone.

Remember these people; they are the ones to thank over the affairs on Tullos Hill:   John Corall, Jackie Dunbar, Neil ‘Fletch’ Fletcher (who sadly is leaving us anyway), Jim Noble, Richard Robertson, Wendy Stuart, Ian Yuill, and new LibDem Darling, HoMalone.  The deer’s friends?  Neil Cooney, Yvonne Allan, Norman Collie,  James Hunter,  Alan Milne and Willie Young.

Dr Who has another new companion this week;  I’ve been recalling all the frightening monsters, world-destroying creatures, and evil masterminds we’ve seen over the decades.  But never mind the city council and its advisors – on with some definitions….

Dalek   (noun) part human creature created by Davros, a Dalek is a single-minded creature, repeating the same phrases over and over again, in a robotic voice; most notably ‘Exterminate!’.  Daleks are not known for their ability to negotiate, only to destroy.

We all remember being terrified and trembling behind our sofas and forts made of cushions and blankets as the Daleks rolled across our TV screens crying ‘Exterminate!  Exterminate!’.   Most of us were afraid of these creatures, but one ambitious girl seems to have grown up with the Dalek as a role model.  Step forward Aileen Malone.

She will not negotiate a peaceful settlement with thousands of people who want to keep Tullos Hill as a meadow.  She operates a scorched earth policy (well, mostly scorched rock policy – I’ve been up there and seen where the trees are going to be planted before they die), and she is going to EXTERMINATE the deer which live there.

Can no one stop the march (well, glide) of this Dalek in its quest for world domination?   Like the Daleks in Dr Who, she is aided by one or two humanoids who should know better,  but don’t.


 The Cybermen likewise terrified generations of children; they were humans which had been ‘upgraded’ – or rather turned into humanoid machines powered by remnants of human brains.  But the question for Aberdeen is:  has there or has there not been any Cyber-crime?

Just as time was running out for the referendum vote, along came Tom Smith (connected to the private Aberdeen City Gardens Trust entity – amongst other hats worn) with allegations of illegal cyber crime.  Had Cybermen hacked into his emails?  Were they intimidating him?

Well, we still don’t know.  He’s said nothing, and we wait patiently for the police’s statement on the matter.  Until we know otherwise, be on the lookout for cyber-crime – and cybermen.  If it turns out to be a case of ‘the boy who cried cybercrime’, Old Susannah will tell you all about it.


The Doctor occasionally sacrificed one of his several incarnations; usually to save others or for a noble cause.  Councillor Robertson, having lost a life when he threw himself out of office over the Don crossing, is going to try to regenerate as a Torry/Ferryhill councillor.  Like the doctor, it will be best if he has amnesia, for his support of the deer-cull-for-tree-scheme will not add to his appeal in this (or indeed any other) part of town.

TARDIS:  (noun) acronym standing for Time And Relative Dimension In Space – Dr Who’s time-travelling apparatus – normally taking the outward form of an old-fashioned police box; much bigger on the inside than on the outside.

Well, the TARDIS doesn’t have to be a police box, in fact other time lords used different kinds of TARDIS machines.  I think I have possibly located one.

Where in Aberdeen will we soon have something that is bigger on the inside than it is outside?  Why in the Granite Web, of course.

The architects have promised that we will magically have twice the green space we currently have in the garden now!  Surely this is Timelord technology.  Despite the potato-crisp shaped concrete web over the concrete indoor/outdoor theatre/skating rink, despite the required ventilation units and means of holding the granite web up, the new improved gardens will be double the size of the existing ones.

There will be all sorts of weird and (allegedly) wonderful underground areas which will be far bigger than the outer structure.  I think the plans have space for a lair for the Master, and some Silurians.  Yes, I see the Granite Web as a time-travelling icon – it is taking us back to the ‘60s and/or ‘70s –  and yet promises to take us proudly into the future.  This is time travel at its best – and possibly at its most expensive.

Dr Who and The State of Decay:  (noun, television show) Part of the Dr Who Saga in which a planet is dominated by bloodsucking vampires who have caused society to regress.

Old Susannah can’t think why this series (featuring the inimitable Tom Baker) has sprung to mind, but in this story, a small amount of greedy powerful  bloodsuckers have taken so much away from the existing society, that it has regressed to  a more primitive, poverty-stricken state than it had been in before power was seized by these vampires.

The blood-sucking creatures, Cameron and Clegg, have reduced the NHS to rubble, impoverished the old, got rid of any decent schools, and use the young as fodder for their own selfish ends.  One of the scariest parts of the Dr Who story so far.  Thankfully, the Doctor and Ramana eventually find a way to rid the planet of its tyrannical despots.

Next week:  (Hopefully) deer update, Milne update, Referendum update – and a cheerful look at Aberdeen City Council’s happiest publication – ‘Our Green Times’.

Jun 182011

With thanks to Kylie Roux.

Peacock VIsual Arts – CRA/CKED // Bill Thompson

New works by Bill Thompson exploring cracked aesthetics with broken technology, data bending and transliteration in sound and video. Exhibition runs 14 May – 25 June.
Exhibition Ongoing until 25 June 2011, Open Tue – Sat, 9.30 – 5.30pm.

Upcoming exhibition: EAF – Katri Walker // North-West
Opening Saturday 6 August | 3 – 6pm | Old Ambulance Depot, 77 Brunswick Street Edinburgh

As part of the Edinburgh Art Festival 2011, Peacock Visual Arts presents North West by Katri Walker. First exhibited at Peacock in March 2011, the audio-visual installation explores Scotland’s historic and contemporary relationship with Wild West visual culture.
Opening Saturday 6th August, 3-6pm with a BBQ & live performances by experimental musician Wounded Knee.
Exhibition runs 7 August – 4 September 2011

Peacock VIsual Arts – Gig in the Gallery
Saturday 25 June | 8pm | £6 on the door

Interesting Music Promotions (imp) and Vocoustics present No More Soundchecks – the latest in a series of unplugged shows. WOODPIGEON, EAGLEOWL and ROB ST JOHN will be performing in PVA’s intimate gallery.

Peacock At The Aberdeen Art Fair
13 + 14 August | 10 – 4pm | AberdeenMusic Hall

 Peacock is partaking in the inaugural year of the Aberdeen Art Fair – which promises to become an annual showcase event for the Scottish arts scene.

Exhibiting work by renowned artists including Frances Walker, Toby Paterson, John McLean, James Furneaux and Barbara Rae and a selection of handprinted posters from the Peacock archive – there’s sure to be something for everyone’s taste and budget!

Peacock VIsual Arts – International Summer School // Beyond Monotype
4 – 8 July | 10 – 4pm | £400

Only a couple of places left in this week long course that will teach you a wide range of techniques possible in the monotype process, expanded through the use of collage, drawing, and multiple plate projects. With an energetic and open approach, each participant’s individual style will help to dictate the direction of the workshop.

For more information and to book a place, please contact Angie Aitchison on
or call 01224 263600.

Peacock VIsual Arts – Summer Animation Classes
July 6, 13, 20, 27 + October 12, 19 | 10 – 4pm | age 10+ | £35/session

Ever wondered how Wallace and Gromit move? Or what makes Pingu go?

Well this summer we’re planning some animation workshops to show you just that! Each class is £35 and a one off – but if you’re keen to keep coming back, you’re more than welcome to book on as many as you like!

Call 01224 639539 for more information or to book.

Peacock VIsual Arts – Monster Making Fun // Kids Screenprinting
2 + 9 August| 10 – 4pm | age 8 – 12 | £35/class

Get your little monsters to create their own little monster!

We’ll spend the morning drawing all the different body parts of a monster before learning how to transform them into colourful screenprints.

We’ll then use all the different parts to build lots of  monster designs…scary monster, happy monsters, mad monsters – whatever you decide!
Call 01224 639539 for more info and to book a place.

Peacock Visual Arts
21 Castle Street
AB11 5BQ
Tel: 01224 639539
Mob: 07947 490626