Jul 212014

By Ken Hutcheon.

Provost Skene's House by Stanley Wright

Provost Skene’s House – Credit: Stanley Wright

The date for lodging any comments/objections to the Marischal Square and/or Provost Skene Developments has now passed with 146 formal comments/objections having been received by Aberdeen City Planning Dept.

The Council are now considering whether to have a public hearing regarding this development.

The Planning Committee will meet next Thursday 24th July to decide.

Unfortunately it appears that leading councillors are confident they can push this present development plans through WITHOUT a public hearing. If we can get enough councillors to understand that they should be voting to support the wishes of the people that put them in power we can achieve a public hearing to get the developers to think again.

The developers can surely produce a far more innovative design that will open the magnificent view of the shining granite of Marischal College and the historic frontage of Provost Skene’s House for generations of Aberdonians and tourists to the city.

To condemn the centre of Aberdeen (the silver city) to a series of boring square boxes which hide the beauty of Marischal College and Provost Skene’s House is a terrible act of vandalism by our council.

Anyone who is understandably concerned regarding this development should email the Councillors for their area to suggest they vote to hold a public hearing. Over 1100 Aberdeen citizens stated at the exhibitions of this development they do not want these plans to go ahead.

To find your councillor and their email address, the easiest way is to put your postcode into the Aberdeen City Interactive map.

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  2 Responses to “Marischal Square – Provost Skene – Decision Time”

  1. With the threatened destruction apparently required of the wall and gateway seen so clearly in this photograph it astounds as to the extent that this elevation will be obscured in the proposed development. Is there a single coherent thought left in the planning department of Aberdeen City Council ? WHY has it reached the stage where massed online protest is trying to protect this pleasant antiquated environment ? Here’s a clue if you’re stuck. It’s the word ‘protect’ ….. I give up. I absolutely give up.

  2. People

    Do not give up just because a bunch of NEEPS IMO masquerading as councillors decide to inflict on generations the curse of modern developments To hide, obscure the facade of the worlds greatest granite building – Marischal College and call it a Square.
    Join Aberdeen Beautiful a new organisation set up to inflict as much embarrassment as possible on the NEEPS for all the horrendous, ghastly buildings IMO they have proudly seen fit to foist on us. Wither now elected or not, the scars left behind by each councillor’s inability to understand the city they live in and the duty of care they own it will haunt them.

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