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Provost Skene's House by Stanley WrightBy Ken Hutcheon.

The Marischal Square Development objections closing date may be gone, but MUSE developers have further plans in mind.
Proposals to remove the historic archway, stairs and wall in front of Provost Skene’s House are being considered. The plans can be viewed here.

This is despite the fact that on MUSE’s own website it states:

“Provost Skene’s House will be at the heart of the Marischal Square project……. The role and setting of Provost Skene’s House will be given special consideration in the new development. It will be protected from the demolition then re-opened at an appropriate time.

“Money is being set aside for conservation work.”

There is also a picture of Provost Skene House as it is now, complete with arch and surrounding wall, on that page. Presumably the money that is being set aside is for the removal of part of the frontage of Provost Skene’s House.

You still have time, till 3rd July to comment on, or object to these changes.

You will find more information on my website at www.marischalsquare.weebly.com. Note reference for this plan is 140755.

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  10 Responses to “Plans For Significant Changes To Provost Skene’s House”

  1. Leave the historic house as it is. Beautiful and a great centre point for the city.
    Thought the wishes of the citizens were paramount in this plan for Broad Street redevelopment Seems not – as happened in the case of the UTG. Ask them what they would like to see – then do your own thing. Democratic governance – think not.

  2. Provost Skene’s House has endured being hidden away these past few years and is finally emerging as the magnificent building and surroundings it ought to be admired for by the public. Its historic significance should be embraced and highlighted as a major feature of the heart of the City of Aberdeen. Not only is there the suggestion that yet again it is to be encapsulated by yet another glass monstrosity, the planners have the outright cheek to tamper with history by taking away the arch & wall….to what purpose does this serve? LEAVE WELL ALONE & let us true Aberdonians, other city dwellers & visitors/tourists enjoy what little is left that was built lovingly by our city forefathers for us & future generations. To admire and proudly present to the world, this IS Aberdeen, a beautiful unspoilt city…….

    • From what I understand the arch and wall wwhich are to be removed are not part of the original building, but were added some years ago in an attempt to enhance the appearanceof the building, arousing some controversy. The building itself is A-listed, and cannot be tampered with or altered in any way whatsoever.

  3. Don’t touch it. I am so tired of the heritage of Aberdeen being demolished or moved. Please start retaining when we already have and keep all granite buildings “as-is”. When are the Planning Department, Council, etc going to realise that they are just infuriating the locals with their stupid attitude to change. I do wonder whether the people making these decisions actually have any real ties to Aberdeen.

  4. With regard to the Muse Development plans for opposite Marischal College –
    these go ‘completely against public opinion’ according to Councillor John Corall (Press & Journal 17/5/14). Additionally these now include proposals for the demolition of a part of Provost Skene’s House .

    I have yet to meet anyone who thought these proposals other than banal and inappropriate and it seems most inequitable that a developer has power to virtually ‘cock a snook’ at what Aberdonians want for their city centre.

    The frontage of Marischal College opposite is imaginative, splendid, dateless, dazzling, with a daring use of granite that we’ve never seen before.

    Something equally innovative that can also stop us in our tracks is called for opposite. What could fill a relatively sizeable city centre site apart from office blocks and various glass structures? A single, breath-takingly modern building, a world class Institute of Offshore Technology.
    A centre which would incorporate work already going on in this field, and at the same time reach out to the future.

    Its proposed establishment in the ‘Oil Capital of Europe’ would take funding into a different zone altogether.
    The oil industry would welcome it and contribute, while, of course, a few millions from Sir Ian Wood would not go amiss.
    Diane Morgan- Published in P&J 4/6/14

  5. With reference to the above comment by 4/06/14 ‘A single, breath-takingly modern building, a world class Institute of Offshore Technology’ ….’A centre which would incorporate work already going on in this field’ sounds more banal than what’s presently on the table. Has Diane Morgan employed a ghost writer?

    • Well spotted Steve … something obviously went wrong there when Diane Morgan entered her name. Fixed – Otherwise, Ah’ll nae tamper … as we generally dinna 😉

      • Thanks for that but Fred but, ‘A single, breath-takingly modern building, a world class Institute of Offshore Technology’ ….’A centre which would incorporate work already going on in this field’ I’m just surprised these are her words. A very different approach perhaps for a new book? I really find this odd that Diane’s passion and celebration for Aberdeen’s historic built and social environment has morphed into a need for an offshore show case. Aberdeen is already a show case for offshore technology. The last thing we need is for it to be showcased in the city centre. Too odd, far too odd.

  6. Wouldn’t it be nice if an open green space were to replace St Nicholas House, somewhere to relax and take in the stunning architecture of Marishal College and Provost Skene’s House? Some flowerbeds, shrubbery and small trees with plenty of seating. Ah well, one can dream.

  7. Nae commercial income in that, Ron.

    I understand the need to make the city money on its land, but by hooky, it MUST be possible to find someone with the nous, imagination and bollocks to design something sympathetic, appropriate, open and still make a bob or two out of it?

    Maybe not enough bobs to fill the funding gap?

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