May 022013

By Bob Smith.

We’ve aa hid a  leukie
At plans fer the “Civic Square”
Tae replace St Nicholas Hoose
Eence it’s aa laid bare
Bliddy stracht edged biggins
O the usual gless an steel
Nae flair fae the architects
The concocshuns o some feel
Iss is the wye tae go
We hear the planners bleat
Great innovative designs
As modernity we maun meet
Fit a load o bliddy crap
We hiv the chunce tae hae
A great open green space
Faar fowk can sit or play
Dinna bigg on the foons
O the concrete St Nic’s Hoose
Mak it intae a fine square
Lit yer imaginations loose
Open up the bonnie view
O the hoose o Provost Skene
Wi greenery jist aa aroon
Plunty space tae meet a freen
A place tae sit an see
The grandeur o Marischal College
An myn back tae it’s days
As a placie full o knowledge
Aiberdonians are fair fed up
O biggins nae bricht an jolly
Especially eens fit micht be ca’ed
The future St Nicholas Hoose folly

Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2013

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  4 Responses to “St Nicholas Hoose Folly”

  1. “The concocshuns o some feel…”

    Brilliant! Couldna pit it better masel, Bob!

  2. I had hoped the area would have been turned into an open and green space, I was a bit shocked at the designs, the buildings are completely inappropriate. No wonder Aberdeen is known as the city of concrete.

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