Jun 222012

By Bob Smith.

A quine ca’ed Annie Lennox
His kickit up an affa stir
Rubbishin the “gairdens” plan
Some fowk are in a birr

Gweed on ye Annie quine
Fer ca’in the plans jist crap
Ye’ve ruffled a fyow feathers
Widdie’s gang are in a flap

Ye’ve ivvery richt ti hae yer say
An hark back ti the 60’s folly
Fin biggin bliddy concrete trash
Wis thocht maist affa jolly

St Nicholas Hoose fer a stairt
Faa drimt up iss ugly wart?
Syne they blockit aff George Street
Planners didna gie a fart

Yon college doon bye Holburn
Wisna pleesin ti the ee
It seenwis aa knockit doon
In case students hid ti flee

The fauchie new Uni library
Some think it anither boob
A square biggin made o gless
A muckle giant Rubik’s cube

Oor toon is in an affa mess
Fer ‘eers hisna bin weel run
Noo if things still gyang agley
Shout “Annie Get Yer Gun”

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2012

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  6 Responses to “Annie’s Fired Her Gun”

  1. Annie, Annie, stop your greetin.
    Annie, Annie, stop your bleetin.
    Widdie’s nae changin Duthie or Hazeheid,
    Just the ditch in the middle o Union Street.

  2. Gordon Gordon get a grip
    A doot yer brain’s developed a blip
    The only ditch Annie wints ti see
    Is the “ditchin” o plans fer UTG

  3. A fine Aiberdeen quine ca’d Annie
    Took a keek at Ian Wid’s plannie
    And asked fit bright spark
    Wid wreck Trainie Park?
    But an egotistical mannie.

  4. The Grunty Wib is awfy dire
    But will lend a view tae Milnies Spire
    Sir Ian believes he’s a’ times right
    But we believe his plan is shite.

  5. There was a fine singer named Lennox
    Who said the web concept ‘is bollox’
    ‘The drawings are tosh’,
    ‘It would cost too much dosh.’
    (Sir Ian is out of his box)

  6. Annie, Annie,
    Bring yer brush,
    the bogs need painting,
    And they dinnae flush.

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