Apr 042014

Orange Party win Oldmachar election. With thanks to Braden Davy.

Winning team selfie

Orange Party celebrate their moment of triumph with a ‘selfie’.

On Friday 28th March, Oldmachar Academy voted for the Orange Party to decide where £1,000 of Aberdeen City Youth Council’s Budget is spent on the school.

Three parties campaigned in the election, the Orange Party – campaigning for lockers and better school food, the blue party for a fun day and balgownie, and the red party for a ‘Selfie treasurehunt’ and a Teacher-Student competition day.

Each party gave a speech to S1 – S3 before those year groups went to vote.

The Orange Party received 257 votes, the blue party 126 and red party 7. Turnout was over 98%.

The Orange Party celebrated by taking a ‘Winning Team Selfie’

Braden Davy, Mock Ballot coordinator said:

“This was a fantastic day and young people really got involved. Everyone was debating and discussing who they would vote for and got an understanding as to how democracy works”

The Orange Team will be presented with a £1,000 cheque at the Town House.

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