Nov 232012

With thanks to Kenneth Watt

Aberdeen City Youth Council Chair Barry Black MSYP is delighted the Aberdeen City Council administration has outlined education as its focus for the coming five years.

Mr Black believes this promise creates a clear mandate for the youth council, the official voice of young people in Aberdeen, to work closely with councillors to ensure that school, college and university pupils are listened to and services tailored to suit the needs of the city’s 12-25 year-olds.

Mr Black told Aberdeen Voice:

“This is fantastic news for young people: there are no further cuts to teachers and a new school is going to be built.

“I will be keen to hear the views of young people on how the new budget can be tailored to their needs in schools and pass these on to our elected members.

“This spells out a clear mandate for us to increase our scrutiny of the administration. This news is very promising and we are delighted that they are taking education seriously.”