Apr 042014
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Westminster to cap welfare.

With thanks to Stuart Donaldson, Constituency Officer to Christian Allard MSP.

In a recent debate on Child Poverty in Scottish Parliament, North East MSP Christian Allard slammed Labour, the Lib Dems and the Tories for voting at Westminster to cap welfare but refusing to put a cap on Trident.

Commenting the SNP MSP said:

“Save the Children has warned that the Westminster welfare cap will push 345,000 children into poverty in four years, yet Labour voted with the Tories.

“Labour, the Lib Dems and the Tories voted to put a cap on welfare but all are unwilling to cap spending on Trident.

“Only a vote for independence will ensure that we are no longer in the disgraceful situation where weapons of mass destruction are valued over the wellbeing of our children.”

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  One Response to “Government Caps Welfare Budget But Won’t Curb Trident”

  1. What a nice surprise to find a populist press release from the SNP! Even more surprising after Kevin Stewart’s stomach churning “bairns before bombs” questions to Nicola Sturgeon yesterday during which Kevin revealed himself to be the only person in Scotland who didn’t know what the SNP policy is, in relation to Trident. Maybe Kevin has had other things on his mind for the past 20 years.

    Perhaps the next SNP press release will include details of what Alex Salmond’s personal expenses, during a gruelling and extremely worthwhile trip to the Ryder Cup in the USA, were spent on and how much public money he has spent on preventing this information being made available to the public? After all, it may be that he donated the reportedly missing £54,000 to Save the Children.

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