Mar 142014

Fishermen Randies And FraudstersWith thanks to David Innes.

Malcolm Archibald’s true crime volume Fishermen, Randies and Fraudsters (Black & White Publishing) has been published and is on sale.

Archibald’s latest book looks at crime in and around Victorian Aberdeen, and from the few pages thumbed so far, it’s clear that the city and its hinterland, even then, was full of rapscallions and scamps ready to part you from your wallet or your ears from your head.

A review is on its way, but we’ll do the author the courtesy of finishing his book first. Hey, we’re pros here at Voice.

Malcolm will be signing copies of Fishermen, Randies and Fraudsters at Waterstones, Union Bridge, Aberdeen on Saturday 15 March at 1300.

That’s the day before the cup final and an ideal opportunity to score yourself a copy to read on the bus to Glasgow, where 39999 rapscallions and scamps are gathering. The 40000th? That’s you, neither rapscallion nor scamp.

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