Jul 162010

By Fred Wilkinson with thanks to Christine Wilkie.

An anthology of poems by the late David A. E. Murdoch has raised over £1000 for a mental health charity.

David died in November 23rd 2008 as the result of falling from Union Bridge in Aberdeen at the age of 43.
Diagnosed at the age of 20 as having chronic bipolar disorder, David lived in Aberdeen all of his life and was a popular, and engaging character, respected for his academic skills as well as his pleasant social nature.

In spite of having his own health problems, David demonstrated genuine caring and concern for the well being of others around him, and it is heartening that this side of David’s personality continues via his work.

‘Flying my own Plane’ is an insight to David’s unique take on life, his tendency to question all things, and to a great extent, the impact of his mental health condition.

David would regularly read his poems to his mother Christine Wilkie, and expressed a desire to publish a collection in the form of a book.

Following his untimely passing, Christine collected all of her son’s poetry and took the opportunity to honour her son’s memory in a way consistent with how he lived his life by having the anthology published .

Said Christine, “The book is selling well and proceeds are being sent to the mental
health charity Sane. So far over £1000 has been donated in my son’s
name ”

SANE was established in 1986 to improve the quality of life for people affected by mental illness, and enjoys support from many celebrities including Dame Judi Dench DBE, Joanna Lumley OBE, and Michael Palin OBE.

Flying My Own Plane By David A. E. Murdoch is available on Amazon, at Waterstones, Aberdeen, and on the publisher’s website where there is more detailed information about the book and its contents.

By Fred Wilkinson with thanks to Christine Wilkie.