Feb 202017

With thanks to Karen Stewart.

Grampian Business Finder on Facebook has exceeded 4000 Members in its first year of operation. The unique group was setup in February 2016 by Karen Stewart of This Little Piggy Marketing, to address the downturn in the oil price by encouraging business to be done locally whenever possible.

Grampian Business Finder supports consumers to find solutions to their problems in real time, assists businesses to receive recommendations to secure new customers, and allows Members a forum to find answers to questions and highlight shared issues.

Karen Stewart(pictured) is delighted with the progress of Grampian Business Finder, saying:

“it doesn’t feel like a whole year ago that I published Grampian Business Finder wondering if it would be useful to anyone; since then many Members have given me feedback on the value of the group both to them personally and to their businesses which is fantastic to know.”

She continued:

“feedback also demonstrates the very supportive nature of the Grampian people and an appetite for face to face meetings which will be launched this week, I’m keen that Grampian Business Finder continues to develop and find new ways to support the local economy in current challenging times and beyond.”

Local Photographer Michal Wachucik said:

“(Grampian Business Finder) has saved me £4000! A replacement boiler was going to cost me £4500. BUT when I posted (on Grampian Business Finder) I found a much better solution.”

Grampian Business Finder is at www.facebook.com/groups/GrampianBusinessFinder and Karen is keen to assist Members to make the most of the group and welcomes their ongoing feedback.

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  3 Responses to “Local Business Group Exceeds 4000 Members In Year 1”

  1. Good morning

    I work at Aberdeen City Council Work Experience Unit where we place secondary school pupils into 1 week placements or extended placements which is usually a couple of afternoons / days a week over a period of time. We are looking for some new employers to come on board so that we can ease the pressure of asking the same employers time after time. We require placements in all different areas as follows:

    Care Assistants
    Dentist and Dental Nurses
    Engineering (mechanical, electrical, design)
    Graphic Design
    Veterinary or working with animals.

    It would be great if you could possibly post this on your site so that any employers that are interested in taking part in the programme can get in touch.

    Health and Safety requirements are not a barrier to hosting work placements. Aberdeen City Council trained staff will complete a young persons risk assessment. The only piece of paperwork that the employer has to have is a copy of Employer’s Liability Insurance.

    Any interested parties can get in touch by e-mailing rwhyte@aberdeencity.gov.uk

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


    • hello – someone will be back to you shortly, thank you for your message

      • Hi there …. I have posted your request up on the Aberdeen Voice facebook page. Hope this brings about a good number of responses. All the best – Fred.

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