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Director Anthony Baxter catches up with Aberdeen Voice about his film being released for free before the US elections. With thanks to Suzanne Kelly.


Just the ticket. Director Anthony Baxter relaxes following the UK premiere of You’ve Been Trumped Too at Aberdeen’s Belmont Filmhouse.

A soaring number of Americans tuned in Sunday night to a special live streaming of two films Donald Trump has battled to suppress – multi award winning You’ve Been Trumped and the critically acclaimed You’ve Been Trumped Too.
Official figures show that more than half a million potential voters tuned in to watch one or both films over the course of two Facebook live events, with over 3 million more reached through Facebook shares, twitter and other social media.

Trump has reacted furiously to the content of You’ve Been Trumped Too – threatening to sue cinemas showing the film – adding to previous blistering attacks on both the film’s director launched on Twitter and lashing out at local residents branding them ‘morons’

Following Trump’s legal threats, the filmmakers took the unprecedented decision to get the films out to as big an audience as possible through Facebook.

Director Anthony Baxter, who is currently touring Scotland’s cinemas with You’ve Been Trumped Too took part in a groundbreaking Q&A live to Facebook viewers from Inverness last night. Thousands of viewers reacted with fury to revelations contained in the film, that 92 year old Molly Forbes had been without a working water supply for 5 years, ‘all because of Trump’.

Now with just hours to go before Americans go to the polls, some UK cinemas are busy planning special You’ve Been Trumped Too events in defiance of Trump’s threats. For example, At Nottingham’s Broadway theatre a distinguished panel of political experts has been assembled to discuss the film following tomorrow night’s screening. They’ll also be hosting a presidential quiz as the first results come in.

Described as a ticking timebomb’ by Indiewire and ‘the most important film of the year’ by The Irish Times, You’ve Been Trumped Too continues to stream live at and at the film’s Facebook page. The film is also playing at a growing list of cinemas despite Trump’s legal threats.

Among those showing the film are London’s Picturehouse Central, the GFT Glasgow (where Baxter will be present for a Q&A tonight at the 8.45 screening), the Eden Court in Inverness, St Andrews New Picturehouse, the MacRobert Centre Stirling, Dundee DCA, Aberdeen Belmont Filmhouse and Edinburgh’s Filmhouse. The film has also been playing in theatres in the United States and Canada.

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  5 Responses to “Millions Watch Trump Films As US Election Edges Closer”

  1. HAhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahaha!!!!

    What a waste of time for you all, all those years attempting to talk President Trump and he eases into the white house with the same easy manner he got his gold course at menie built, you losers must be gutted.

  2. That should read talk President Trump down, please edit for me.

    I was crying with laughter typing, excuse my mistake.

  3. Your article misses the “allegedly” when discussing the woman without water for 5 years, careful you don’t get sued. We all know it’s allegedly not true.

    • Suzanne Kelly says-hi Bill; in keeping with time-honoured tradition your attempts at vitriolic comment are all off base. Michael Forbes did repair the broken water pipe just recently; he was sent a 3 page rambling letter by reply. The Forbes had unreliable water, no water or sludge for 5 years; like the repair this is verified.

      Trump saw his name and tens of millions of dollars wiped off Middle East projects and suffered other losses when the ban petition was live. The loser is the POTUS elect and no one else.

      Fighting against racism, sexism and nationalism wherever it comes from is worthwhile however amused you are by it. By the way we still have a racketeering and a rape charge pending on Mr Trump- we shall see what comes out of these. But as ever nice to have you back Bill; lost track of how many times you quit reading AV for good. Have a nice day.

      • Note to Suzanne and other moderators. Please be reminded that Bill Stephens is actually George Smith – who is banned. Much as I know some of you like to have your bit of fun with him, he is banned for good reasons which have been explained here. I am allowing recent comments to stand, but will remove all further posts by George/Bill, and any responses which are left without context as a result of their removal.

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