Jan 212016

With thanks to Martyn Smith.

Alford SpeedFest 2014

Jim Robbins Indanapolis 500 race car.

Plans are now well underway for the 7th annual Alford SpeedFest, the flagship event held at the Grampian Transport Museum.

Up to 120 vehicles, each of which has been invited to attend, will participate in a variety of activities including pursuits, where direct performance comparisons are made between pairs of performance cars.

The action will get underway at 11am with the ever popular Early Bird Rides, giving members of the public the chance to ride around the museum’s purpose built road circuit in a high performance sports or supercar.

This year’s main theme is centred around record breakers and will include record breaking motor, steam and electric cars.

The museum is in the unique position of being able to call upon a number of major UK transport museums to borrow some of their prized collections. A number of spectacular vehicles will be brought in, from all over the UK, to complement the array of vehicles entered by local enthusiasts.

Plans are already afoot to begin a run at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, picking up additional vehicles at a number of museums on the 600 mile drive north.

Museum curator Mike Ward commented:

“The team are really excited about SpeedFest 16 because the record breaker theme has captured the imagination of colleagues in other UK transport museums and we are being offered many truly fantastic vehicles, never seen before in Scotland“