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Aberdeen Voice’s ‘poetry mannie in residence’ Bob Smith, who passed away on March 5.

In March 2015, Aberdeen Voice lost one of it’s most prolific writers and best loved team members, our ‘poetry mannie’, Bob Smith.

Bob was a fierce critic of Donald Trump, and would never miss an opportunity to ‘mention’ Trump in his popular poems, which he contributed weekly in Aberdeen Voice for a period of over 4 years.

In all, Bob contributed in excess of 200 poems, and a monthly column entitled ‘Smithy’s Scribblins’

As we digest the news that Donald Trump has had his honorary degree revoked by RGU, His Global Scot status revoked by Nicola Sturgeon, and a petition to ban him from the UK, launched by ‘Voice’s Suzanne Kelly, becoming the most popular petition ever to appear on the Government’s petition site, with, at the time of writing, nearly half a million signatures, our thoughts turn to Bob and how we miss his unique brand of humour.

Bob would have loved to have seen this day, and undoubtedly would be frantically scribbling down some new verses to mark the occasion.

Therefore it seems fitting to republish one of his many poems, this from September 2010, and raise a glass to a warm and genuine friend we were glad to know and very much miss.

– Fred Wilkinson, Editor.

(Noo the Richt Gits University)

by Bob Smith.

The Donald his been awarded
A University honorary degree
His the principal gin aff his heid
At yon learned placie by the Dee?

Anither case o booin’ an scrapin’
Foo muckle mair hiv we ti thole
Maybe the principal’s efter a jobbie
On big Donald Trump’s peyroll

The chiel’s bin awarded an Hon DBA
Is att “Donald Bide Awa” ?
Or is it maybe a doctorate
Fir jist bein’ a bliddy blaw?

The mannie he’s bein’ “mortared”
Wi iss degree in Business Administration
Am sure Michael Forbes wid like ti hae
A doctorate in Businessmen Castration

The chancellor chiel o the RGU
Fa else bit yon titled “Widdie”
It’s the rich presentin’ ti the rich
Or ae diddy ti anither diddy

Wull the Donald on the day
Hiv ti weer a braw bit goonie?
Fit some fowk micht think is iss
The University’s gin bliddy loonie

Noo nae doot the great an gweed
O Aiberdeen wull aa be watchin’
Maybe thinkin’ is’t his ain hair
Or is’t a bit o thatchin’ ?

Ae degree Trump’ll nivver receive
Is fae the University o’ Life
He’s weel doon it’s listie
Cos he’s causin’ ower muckle strife

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2010

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  2 Responses to “Donald’s Degree Fae RGU: Remembering Bob Smith”

  1. Thank you for this Fred. I must share. And I do like Bob’s “Richt Gits University” – seems appropriate.

  2. NIce one Fred! Bob would approve.

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