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trump sticks fingers up featWith thanks to Suzanne Kelly.

A petition demanding Donald Trump be banned from the United Kingdom has been approved and launched today. Should it attract the required number of signatures, it will be discussed in the House of Commons.

The launching of the petition follows closely another petition initiated by the same author demanding that Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University strips Trump of the honorary degree it bestowed on him in 2010, which has already gathered nearly 9000 signatures.

The latest petition, raised in response to a recent series of distasteful, divisive comments made by Donald Trump as part of his US Presidential campaign, reads:

“The signatories believe Donald J Trump should be banned from UK entry. The UK has banned entry to many individuals for hate speech. The same principles should apply to everyone who wishes to enter the UK. If the United Kingdom is to continue applying the ‘unacceptable behaviour’ criteria to those who wish to enter its borders, it must be fairly applied to the rich as well as poor, and the weak as well as powerful.”

The petition can be found here:

Suzanne Kelly, petition author, said:

the-end-of-the-road-for-trump-suzanne-kelly-by-collapsed-section-of-course-photo-by-rob-av“The petition will allow all UK residents who want to stand up against hate speech and Donald Trump’s hate speech specifically the opportunity to do so. Trump persists with comments which I feel denigrating races, nationalities, women, religious groups. I would term this hate speech, and to my mind he becomes more outlandish and unacceptable as each day passes. I am not alone in feeling this way by a long shot. 

“We are looking at a US Presidential candidate who wants to institute policies which to me are fascism. People have been barred from the United Kingdom for less.”

There is also a petition by Kelly on 38 Degrees asking Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen to strip Trump of an honorary degree it bestowed on him five years ago. Kelly will shortly contact the university; a protest has been suggested as the next step.

Kelly said:

“If this university adheres to its own principles of inclusiveness, then allowing the degree to stand is an insult to those who worked hard and earned degrees. We need to be celebrating diversity and increase our tolerance of other people and cultures; Trump is the antithesis to me of where we should be heading.”

Suzanne Kelly has been following Donald Trump’s exploits from the Menie Estate Golf Development to recent gaffes and today’s shocking suggestion Muslims be barred from entering the United States. She has written articles and reports on Donald Trump for Aberdeen Voice, a free, online newspaper serving Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland.

She also contributed to the BBC’s Panorama programme on Trump, and some of her work has been used by journalist Anthony Baxter in his film A Dangerous Game, which followed his award-winning film on Trump’s presence at Menie, ‘You’ve Been Trumped’.

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  35 Responses to “Petition To Ban Trump For Hate Speech Goes Live”

  1. Disgusting man, A Racist thug and Moron – in my opinion

    • Maybe people in the US should get a petition to ban the UK from the U.S. How stupid

      • @ JIM C;

        Ehh… why should UK be banned from U.S.? They haven’t acted abusive as far as I know, Silly Trump really do act as a stupid, other countries may consider a ban for him as well we’ll see.

    • Trump is not baning Muslims he is just saying they should be screened. Do you think terrorists should be allowed into Britain willynilly if you do you obviously have never heard of the atrocities they have committed.

      • Suzanne here – I guess one of the other editors must have approved the comment from Murray Smith. Don’t you think it speaks volumes about prejudice? I do. Sure, let’s just segregate people based on their religious inclinations; that’s never led anywhere bad in the past (Murray, that nice Mr Trump wants to ban Muslims from entering the USA, and spy on mosques. He did not say screen them. This may come as a shock to you, but some Muslims are actually American citizens. How did you feel about the American internment camps for Americans of Japanese origin? Just wondering).

  2. His hate has no place in our world

  3. sorry, Trump has right in my opinion………… just wait a few years .. then you will see..Unfortunately… [comment moderated; ‘in my opinion’ added]

    • Sorry Trump is a racist buffoon who should not been allowed to ruin the Mennie Estate and who by the sound of his bragging is doing the same to Turnberry. By the way where are the thousands of jobs he promised at Menie all talk and no substance.

  4. More power to Suzanne Kelly. At about 12:30 today (9/12/15) I timed the voting on the petition at about 500 votes a minute!!!!!!!

    Please lets advertise this petition to all our friends and family and make it clear that Trump is no longer welcome to visit the UK.

  5. Do you think right wing politician will miss this opportunity. See what is happening in France

  6. wouldn’t it be good to see a bus load of muslim golfers turn up to play golf at menie next time trump visits.

  7. I’ll be impressed when Miss Kelly calls for the banning from the UK of most of the Saudi prices living in London calling for Sharia law in the UK. But she is merely 1 more of the politically correct masses who don’t see the real danger to the country and take out their bile on a harmless blowhard.

    • Harmless? Running for the POTUS – you cannot be serious? The bile is flowing from Trump – you’re blinded by your preconceptions. What do you know about Trump – or rather what do you think you know about Trump? Gosh and if you feel so strongly about something then you could do worse than emulate Suzanne and work hard to achieve her goal rather than expect someone else to do the hard, thankless work! Why don’t you pull your finger out and do something rather than rain on somebody else’s parade? I’m quite sure that Suzanne won’t be kept up at night wondering how she can impress Tee Kay!!

  8. Let’s talk about rhetoric…Suzanne Kelly is well versed in this as well. She has always had issue with Donald Trump & now this? Sorry Suzanne, but seeing as you are NOT a US citizen I think it’s safe to say that the election for President is NONE of your business. A petition to ban him from the UK for hate speech? Against a radicalized religious group? I’m sorry, am I missing something here?

    Donald Trump may be boisterous, loud & unsavory at times but I’ve never known him to build IED’s, pipe bombs, carry automatic weapons or fly a plane into a building…now, terrorists have, al Qaeda HAS, ISIS/ISIL would love to do that. And perhaps most pertinent is that he didn’t say ban ALL MUSLIMS, but to cease the settlement of refugees in the US for a moment, to hit the pause button, because you know, after the Paris attack & San Bernadino shootings, you want to be sure who you are bringing into your country for safe haven. How, in your tiny little mind do you consider that hate speech & why would you have an issue with the US taking measures to protect its citizens?

    That’s not hate speech, that’s being smart, not opening our borders to every refugee, because if the Paris atta is taught us ANYTHING it’s that you must be cautious, you never know where or when an attack might happen or where it might come from.

    If you have a problem with that, I tell you what…come talk to me after you’ve watched 2,977 of your countries citizens either burn to death, be vaporized by an explosion, die from smoke inhalation or leap to their own deaths, all in one day, in a time span lasting less than 2 hours. One hour & 42 minutes to be exact. Almost 3,000 dead & another 6000+ injured, because of a terrorist attack by radical Muslim jihadists. Then & only then, will you have a right to open your stupid mouth.

    How in the world can you even believe &/or defend this? Your arrogance is absolutely disgusting. Is Trump the best man for President? I’m not sure, there’s more information to gather everyday…what I am sure of is that I am so glad that you are not a citizen of the US. You think Trump is awful, so greedy, so filled with hate speech?

    Lady, you’re just like him. And the fact that you can’t see it is extremely disturbing.

    • and who do you think created these so called terrorists ? UK and US bombed F out of iraq, afghanistan and libya etc. do you not think people from these countries see us as terorrists ?
      foreign policy for the last 100 years has created these so called terrorists and they are only getting their own back on us any which way they can.

  9. Rather than bar him from entering Great Britain, perhaps you could admit him and then immediately send him in exile to one of those tiny little rocky islands far off the coast of Scotland, the ones that are only like twenty by twenty feet or so. Drop food for him every few weeks, but that’s it. He’ll have to stay on his tiny island until he apologizes.

    Please, Britain, you are our ally. Couldn’t you take him off our hands for us here across the pond? The grat majority of we Americans do not want Adolph — er I mean Donald over here any longer.

  10. Trump is acting within the boundaries of US law.
    Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 —

    “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”


  12. So it’s only freedom of speech when it’s the type of speech you seem to correct? At the end of the day more people didn’t sign the petition than did. I can’t help but feel there is a vindictive element to this petition. You didn’t stop his “ecological disaster” of a golf course, so we will have our round two with this petition. There are actual hate hate preachers in this country who publicly call for the destruction of Britain. Where is you petition for them? Seems that a rich white male oh and American makes an easier target for the socialist left leaning lunatics. I don’t agree with what Trump said, but I agree that he has a right to say what he thinks. If you don’t like it?…change the channel.

  13. trunp is human and scared just like the rest of you of ISIS so block them from entering any country. Islam is not a christian view religion. duh..!

  14. Trump is a disgusting racist. I hope the UK does pass a ban against him entering the country. The vast majority of Americans do not agree with anything he says and consider him a joke. There is no way this man will ever win the presidency. We only wish we could pass a bill throwing him out of America.

  15. Although I am not a follower of Mr Trump everyone who thinks they are somebody (narcissistic EGO lovers) will rule the day when he becomes President of the USA and ignores Britain and you will all rule the day with your open arms policy of flooding the UK with Muslims when more terrorist attacks/murdering happens in Britain for this is not if they start its only a matter of when they start – and don’t say I am speaking a load of rubbish and all the other feel good names you people use to describe someone who does not have your blinkered knowledge less views of life and the world – anyone with a modicum of sense and knowledge can understand any person who reads and follows the teachings of the Quran (The Muslim Holy Book)and says they are a Muslim are potential – I will leave you to fill in the blank just remember one thing its Muslims and not Christians that are causing at least 95% of all terrorism in the world today and the British Government are /will be unable to protect the British public from these attacks once they start O yes they will be able to clean up but not prevent up to now its been luck more than anything that has kept us safe but this luck is running thin

  16. wow i had NO IDEA that United Kingdom had so many muslims.

    No wonder their major parties are also supporting the ban

    that petition is a real eye opener

  17. He is speaking out , what a lot of us are thinking. We are trying to protect our citizens, because our president isn’t. The news is picking out certain words & not the whole speach.
    I have seen many post/news feeds, where the UK is having trouble from them refugees and all of their HATE comments, hand jesters to the camera & their demands. Maybe, just maybe…our leaders have put the rights of their citizens safety, 2nd to refugees , who do not respect the laws of their host countries and is going to be a strain on every ones economy. I watched many film clips of ALL MALE refugees coming into Europe….looked like an invasion, not people coming with their families, that need help. Then, when they were offered food, they threw it on the ground & demanded money. Crime rates are going up & the rapes are going though the roof.
    And you have a petition to keep a man out…who just wants his country to be safe ? Take a serious look around, to see the big picture of what is really happening. The citizen’s safety of Europe & UK have to come first. That is the responsibility of the men/ women we vote into office…..hence Donald Trump’s passion.
    A very proud AMERICAN.

    • Trump is IMO a narcissistic self-serving liar who says whatever he thinks will rile up a particular section of the ignorant uneducated american public. He taps into their fears and lies when he promises he has the answers. Trump knows nothing about foreign policy and security that much is very clear if you have 2 brain cells. And his economic pronouncements must embarrass and/or shame his alma mater the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
      Trump is a bully and a creep – beware if he says I love you – mexicans, women and black people, wives. [slightly edited – IMO added to the start]

  18. Isis are jumping for joy that Trump said what he did

    Trump is pushing people towards radicalisation

    hatred for Muslims is exactly what Isis want

    He is dangerous

  19. All power to you Suzanne!

  20. There is a “huuuuuge” number of Americans who support banning Trump from the UK. The best we can do here in America is hope that the FBI adds him to their formal list of “hate groups” for monitoring. I’d like to thank my “cousins” in the UK for initiating this discussion regarding the ban. Good work! Trump is a “huuuuge” embarrassment to this country, so I feel the need to apologize for his existence.

  21. People of UK have been misinformed on what Trump’s actual words were. Due to Earnest and Ryan not telling the whole truth! Listen to speech temporary stopping entrance in US just til our Government gets background checks in order is all he said just for safety. Its no different than Ryan trying to totally keep refugees out of US forever. Mr Trump is doing so well in polls in US they exaggerated what he said to try and make him fall in polls. That’s our government at work for you! They have to exaggerate to make someone look bad…

    • yes, it must be terribly difficult to make Mr Trump look bad. So – aside from his occasional sexist/racist/intolerant remarks, what did you think of the BBC Panorama programme seemingly linking him with organised crime?

  22. That bog-head Trump should face a global ban.

    Suzanne Kelly – Love U.


    This country is kowtowing to Muslims so much, even though it is obvious they hate our country and their biggest desire is to change it to meet their own needs. Politicians seem intent upon allowing them to do so, but even that is not good enough for them.

    Then we get a very influential American politician, who obviously cares very deeply about his country, make a comment that he would like to, temporarily, stop more of them from entering the US. Dear Lord you would think he had killed someone, the hysterior from “certain individuals” is so incredible.There is nothing wrong with the statement, only the left, the media lovies, and Muslims themselves actually by into this impertinent pc bullshit.

    As for dear old Suzanne, you are an insignificant little bum wipe, get over yourself…

    • Thank for your comment; I only wish it had come in sooner; could have used it a an example of sweeping xenophobia in my last Old Susannah column. Anyway. I am completely insignificant – on my own. But I’m not alone so it seems. Impertinent? To use a democratic tool? Disagree. ‘The Muslims?’ – who are THE Muslims. There are terrorists claiming to be Muslim, but there is no more such a thing as THE Muslims as there is THE Christians (well, ok there is the band The Christians) or indeed THE Left. I’m glad you think Trump cares deeply about his / my country. I kind of care for the people who have been caught up in financial turmoil when his companies have gone bankrupt, on several occasions. I wonder how deeply his concern is for the welfare of Atlantic City, but that’s another matter.

      I’m only an amateur writer/journalist, but somehow I sense a connection to a presidential candidate saying Muslims should not be allowed in the US and the recent acts of arsons at mosques. Do you think hate speech is something anyone would bother with if they didn’t think their words would have impact? How long before someone is actually killed, I shudder to think? But to do absolutely nothing and watch as that man gets close to being Commander in Chief and having his finger on the button; I’d do anything legal to stand up against that.

      ‘Impertinent?’ bet on it, you bigoted, illogical twerp. – Suzanne

  24. I had the misfortune of hearing Suzanne’s psuedo-intelligence on display on U.S. TV this evening where she characterized Trump’s policies (many of which I do not support) as “hate speech” rather than policy statements with which she disagrees. This presumes Suzanne has some divine omnipotent knowledge of Trump’s deepest motives (and that he is lying since he attributes his statements to policy positions required by current circumstances), which I hope she will share with the world, as she could solve many of our most egregious problems.

    The other alternative is that Suzanne is simply an arrogant and condescending person who presumes a divine ability to intuit motives, and further still, presumes to prejudge emotions (hate) from another person’s words policy statements (interesting how many Muslims and Hispanics Trump employs despite this “hate”).

    Citing an alleged incident where someone was beaten in Boston while citing Trump’s immigrant policy statement, she characterizes this as Trump’s responsibility. I wonder if someone attacked Trump based on her hate speech about him (the examples are obvious based on her criteria) if she would surrender herself to authorities and claim responsibility?

    In the post above mine she actually calls a commenter a “bigoted, illogical” twerp…gee Suzanne sounds like hate speech and someone who should be banned or exported so fewer are around to require some logical or deductive reasoning from you beyond just calling people names (you will note she does not cite or argue the policies based on any facts…she just knows they are prompted by “hate.”

    Suzanne calling someone prejudiced, bigoted and illogical is a priceless example I can use as an example for students studying psychology (Jungian projection of shadow), that is the one benefit I gained from hearing her deep intellectual and tolerant speech firsthand,.

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