Oct 242014

By Suzanne Kelly. 

roe-deer-fawn-picAs Aberdeen continues its controversial and unpopular deer culling activities, it continues to spend tens of thousands of pounds on the cull and planting trees.

The trees planted on Tullos Hill recently were done at the expense of 34 or 35 animals which had previously lived on the hill: SNH guidelines (not law, guidelines) are being obeyed: the city and SNH intend only 3 deer should be allowed on the hill. How this can lead to a healthy herd is not understood.

As to the trees, consultants, fencing contractors and others have received tens of thousands of pounds from the taxpayer – and the indications are the plantation may well fail just as two previous attempts have.

The most recent attempt cost Aberdeen £43,800 payable for the failure alone.

A Facebook page Save The Tullos Hill Deer has been monitoring the situation, and a group meets to monitor events as well.  Although thousands signed a petition handed to the City Council at the time of the cull, this was written off by the paid consultant, C J Piper, in a report as being a ‘vociferous minority’.  This ‘minority’ included several community councils as well.

A minimum of 250 signatures from Aberdeen residents will bring the matter forward for city consideration. Campaigners advise:

“Please consider registering, and signing this petition: the more signatures from people in Aberdeen the better. We are asking the council to come clean on how much was spent so far on killing deer and …the tree scheme, to do a proper count, and to stop killing deer until we have accurate figures. 1. follow the link; 2. register; 3. sign; 4. please share. Thank you very much indeed.”

Further details of the history of this situation can be found by using the Aberdeen Voice Search feature.

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  2 Responses to “Petition Re. Deer Cull Issues Now Live”

  1. If I register to sign the petition, can I be sure that the council won’t chase me for 56 year old parking fines?

    • well, if they can’t collect the tens of millions that shopkeepers allegedly are meant to stump up in tax, it’s likely they’ll try and go after you instead 🙂 However, all signatures will help. All we want are some answers and assurances. If we get the 250 signatures before 14/11, then the next committee meeting will consider the petition – so thanks in advance for signing and sharing.

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