Oct 242014

Family2 - Olga Vasilkova  Dreamstime Stock PhotosBy Bob Smith.

A’m fleein aroon fae a ti b
Placies ti visit, things ti dee
If  a canna git ‘ere quick bi car
A’ll gyang on a plane fin it’s ower far

Bring up ma bairns! Tak them ti the park!
Aat idea ma mannie wint oot wi the ark
A’m already workin aicht ‘oors a day
So the nursery skweel fees A’m able ti pay

Tak the weans ti skweel? A’m nae daft
Are ye thinkin’ ma heid’s a bittie saft
Collect them ti? div ye nae see?
Grunnie  dis aat, She’s nithing else ti dee

Leuk efter the aal’ eens? Na na ma freen
Social services tak care o’ a bodie gyaan deen
A’ve nae got time ti leuk in bye ti see
It’s nae ma fault the puir bugger micht dee

Relax in the gairden? Ye maan be jokin!
The verra idea his got me boakin
Jist cover it aa up wi a wee suppie tar
So a can park my bonnie big car

Foo ti relax? Noo ‘ere’s the hub
A ken, A’ll awa’ doon ti the pub
Efter a fyow drinks a’ll be as richt as rain
Syne ready ti rush aboot aa ower again

©bob smith “the poetry mannie” 2014
Image Credit: Family – Olga Vasilkova, Dreamstime Stock Photos.
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  One Response to “A Hinna Got Time (So Fowk Say)”

  1. Spot on again Bob. Seems to me the priorities got mixed up somewhere along the line.

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