Oct 222010

By Bob Smith.

The Donald’s thinkin’ o applyin’
Fir tenancy o the Fite Hoose
Total chaos in the Oval Room
If this mannie is lit loose

Trump ridin’ ti America’s rescue
Wi aa his bluff an bluster
Fowk wid see a resemblance
Ti yon General Geordie Custer

Noo Custer he wis beaten
Sittin’ Bull brocht him doon
Trump he’ll be defeated
Cos he’s a big buffoon

The voters in America micht ask
Fit credentials can ye accrue?
Oor Donald wid o coorse retort
A doctorate fae the RGU

Sittin’ in the Fite Hoose
Democrats gettin’ up his nose
I’ve got the verra idea
Jist issue some CPO’s

He’ll nae like the Iranians
The North Koreans he’ll dismiss
Some leaders like Evo Morales
Will be the first ti tak the piss

Trump wi finger on nuclear button
Shoutin’ warld here’s fit’s fit
Aah dammit ma digit’s slippit
Oh bugger it! Oh shit!!

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2010