Aug 062010

A poem by Bob Smith.

King Donald, he maks us laach
So fit aboot his latest gaffe
Planes near Palm Beach, he’s nae keen
Yet welcomes mair fleein’ near Aiberdeen

Planes we aa ken are noisy things
So ti the table oor Donald brings
An idea ti block an airport extension
Anither runway at Dyce he forgot ti mention

The mannie noo is a member o’
A campaign group fae Mar-a-Lago
Dinna disturb the fowk at his beach club
The chiel’s a hypocrite, noo there’s the rub

He’s suin’ Palm Beach Airport an Bruce Pelly
It’s been in some papers an on U.S. telly
Nae a wird o’ iss in the P&J ye get
Time it wis ca’ed the Trump Gazette

Fit aboot Trump’s ain private plane
As he flees oot o’ Palm Beach an back again
Nae wird aboot noise fin his jet roars
As inti the blue sky the mannie soars.

Did Trumpy nae think we wid fin oot
Aboot aa the nonsense o’ iss lawsuit
There’s nae doot he’s a hypocrite
Eence mair he spiks a load o’ shit

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 29/7/2010