Sep 172010

By Bob Smith.

It’s sad ti see fit’s goin’ on
In North-east pairts jist noo
Fowk are being threatened by
A mannie fa’s a business guru

The Trump lot an their supporters
Some wid see as a bunch o cyaards
As they try their best ti oust fowk
Oot their hames an ain backyards

There are a fair fyow greedy fowk
Fa are teen in by aa his spiel
Thank heavens there are ither eens
Fa see his ideals as bliddy feel

He tries ti stap doon oor throats
We’ll aa benefit throwe his ideas
He’d dee weel ti hae a thocht
Ti see oorsels as ithers see us

Lauded by the cooncil lot
As a man o great foresicht
Praised by oor local press
As the only mannie fa’s richt

A danger ti aa democracy
This bliddy chiel dis pose
He wid hae us aa believe
That fit he says aye goes

Bit Menie fowk are bein’ thrawn
The mannie’s nae affa pleased
Fowk’ll nae be forced ti sell
Or brocht doon on ti their knees

Mr Trump yer nae mair Scottish
Than Donald Duck or Mickey Moose
Yer mither left afore ye war born
Fae her bonnie island hoose

Fir aa yer bluff an bluster
An the millions ye possess
We’ll nae see ye bully fowk
An fae their land wid dispossess

So Trumpy min awa hame ye ging
Wi aa yer forelock touchin band
Jist leave aa us gweed Scots fowk
Ti enjoy oor dunes an sand

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2010