Aug 202010

Toddler Trump … A poem by Rapunzel Wizard, a locally based performance poet who is 96% human and 4% woolly mammoth, and refuses to get a proper job or a haircut.

Too much money makes your head go funny
Swap a business suit for a romper suit
Toddler trump acts like a two year old
Spoiled rotten and never told no

Wants your sandpit for his own
To build hotels and plastic homes
Fence it off and keep you out
Doesn’t care if you swear and shout
He can scream louder if you thwart him.

Cos he spat the dummy, cried for mummy
When Martin Ford tried to take his toys
Stamped his feet, made lots of noise
Until Alex Salmond kissed him better
Cos politicians like photo-ops with babies
Especially rich ones.

Now that toddler trump has got his way
His sandpit is too small for his ego
More houses he wants to CPO
For a bigger pit in which to play
Just hope your home is not in the way
He’s a romper stomper
on bricks and mortar
Aberdeenshire’s own Godzilla

If toddler trump wins without interferences
It’s a twenty-first century highland clearances
He wants to laird it over us peasants
It’s a twenty-first century highland clearance