Aug 132010

Shocked by the revelation that ootsiders are freely and openly buying land in the NE, Voice’s David Innes muses on a theme.

Good lord. I’ll go the foot of The Great Dunes of Scotland. The Trump lot and their usual slavishly-slavering lackeys are up in arms again. Such sensitivity from those habitually so boorish themselves.

It seems that by signing up to buy a bit of non-Trump land in the vicinity of Trump’s glorified pitch and putt course, Brighton MP and Green Party chief Caroline Lucas has committed some sort of immoral act because, well, she “disna bide here”. Ach weel. Given that a democratically-constituted Aberdeenshire Council committee voted openly and in line with its Standing Orders to say, “Cheers for the offer, Donnie min, but it’s nae really fit we want on the coast, but good luck to you” in November 2007 and the planning application was then called in by the Scottish Government of being of “national interest”, then that’s when it became a NATIONAL issue. That would be why Dr Lucas has the same right as everyone else to buy a bit of land wherever she wishes as long as she has the siller with which to pay for it. Ironically filthy-rich US citizens “coming ower here and buying up a wir grun” and renaming topographical features because, “Well, I OWN ‘em, buddy – you got a problem with that?” has raised barely a whimper or grumble in the usual circles. Funny that. Crazy golf.

Maybe those who thus promote him believe he’s still the Dons’ manager

Likewise, the opprobrium piled on top of tuneful local quine Annie Lennox who had the temerity to question the ACSEF/Union Square/Gardens/Fluffy Kittens/Mam’s Ain Skirlie (choose your own friendly and beyond-criticism identity) marketing idiocy was, her detractors admitted, because, well, ken. “She hisna bidden here since afore The Tourists had their first hit, so she has nae right to comment, the peroxide-heidit limmer”. The fact that the blessed Sir Alex Ferguson, Freeman of the Grey Toon and nodding dog for the Wood Chuckies and Slabs Car Park Roof, skedaddled from Cults in November 1986 seems to have passed by the noses of the forelock-tuggers who laud him as a sagacious spokesman whose views are to be respected and held in the highest possible regard. Maybe those who thus promote him believe he’s still the Dons’ manager, of course, and that his luck’s just run out a bit lately. Can I hold him personally responsible for signing John Inglis, Ilian Kiriakov and Leon Mike then? Some do a great line in hypocrisy and double standards in this wee corner of the archipelago, do they not?