Sep 142015

Aberdeencycleforum2With thanks to Jyll Skinner.

To mark the start of European Mobility Week, Aberdeen Cycle Forum have arranged a one-off showing of a feature-length documentary titled ‘Bikes vs Cars’ at the Belmont Filmhouse on Wednesday, 16th

ACF believe the film is essential viewing for anyone involved in decision making over the future of Aberdeen and have taken the unusual step of inviting all 19 Councillors from Aberdeen City Council’s Communities, Health and Infrastructure Committee to attend the screening at ACF’s expense.

ACF Chair Jyll Skinner said:

“The film examines the transport gridlock in cities like Sao Paolo and Los Angeles, and the effects that congestion has on them as places to live. It then contrasts that with Copenhagen – a city which is liberated by cycling.

“There are benefits to the economy, to air quality, and to people’s health and wellbeing. Which of these models does Aberdeen want to follow?”

The screening will be followed by a Question & Answer session with a panel including representatives from Nestrans and both Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils.

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