Jul 162015

Piotr Teodorowski2 ACYCWith thanks to Piotr Teodorowski.

Members of the Aberdeen City Youth Council (ACYC) have elected a new Office Bearing team at their recent Annual General Meeting.

The new team of Office Bearers includes a new Chairperson and a new Vice-Chair Person as well as a new Secretary, Public Relations Officer and Treasurer.

The elected members are as follows:

Chairperson- Piotr Teodorowski
Piotr is the first non-British Chairperson of Aberdeen City Youth Council to have been elected.

Vice-Chairperson- Rebecca Lindsay
Rebecca has recently taken part in a sponsored hike up Mount Toubkal, Morocco for charity.

Treasurer- Scott Bremner
Scott is a member of the peer-education group GRADE-A, which provides drugs education.

Public Relations Officer- Martin Carle
Martin is the youngest of the newly elected Office Bearing team.

Secretary- Euan Davidson
Euan is a member of Hot Topics, a peer-education group that delivers sex education lessons to schools.

The new Office Bearing Team looks forward to working in their respective roles for the next two years.

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