May 152015

The Huntly area’s Tranquility Wild West Town held an open day on 4th May. The rain came down nonstop, but that did not stop families, cowboys and girls, and people of all ages coming together for a great day of Wild West Fun. Suzanne Kelly, a new member to the Tranquility Wild West Town & Re-enactment Group gives the lowdown on this hoedown.

Tranquility Wild West Town reenactment the bad guys get ready to draw by Suzanne Kelly

Tranquility Wild West Town reenactment the bad guys get ready to draw. By Suzanne Kelly

Despite the weather, a great time was had by visitors young and old to Tranquility Wild West Town on Sunday 4th May.

Those who braved the weather enjoyed tours of the authentic, fully-furnished town buildings, refreshments, two re-enactments, and a raffle.

If you assume the town is just fake building fronts, you’d be wrong.

The town boasts a Town Hall, the Tranquility Saloon, Telegraph Office, a barbershop and more – all fully and authentically furnished.

Visitors tried their hands at horseshoe pitching and knife throwing. A raffle was held, and youngsters were given toy guns, sheriff’s badges and deputised.

The re-enacted gunfights were the highlight of the afternoon. One was humourous; the other a demonstration of what a lawman would have been up against defending his town from the lawless.

Some of the members explained their interest in the American Wild West goes back to their childhood days of going to Aberdeen’s then many theatres. The cowboy films captured their imaginations. We mused that while we were here in Scotland surrounded by castles and thousands of years of history and re-enacting western life, undoubtedly in America there will be people gathering for Renaissance and Medieval festivals, dressed as knights and ladies.

The membership of Tranquility is growing; interested parties will find more information here.

See y’all around town.