Feb 272015
Signing the TTIP pledge at Holyrood

Christian Allard MSP signing the pledge at the Scottish Parliament.

With thanks to Gavin Mowat.

Christian Allard, MSP for the North East of Scotland, has added his support to the campaign to fight against privatisation of the NHS.

The campaign calls for David Cameron to use his veto to protect the health service from the effects of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Mr Allard along with SNP colleagues at the Scottish Parliament signed the People’s NHS pledge to demand that David Cameron vetoes TTIP unless the NHS is “fully and clearly exempted” from the agreement.

Commenting, Christian Allard MSP said:

“Protecting the NHS is an important priority for people in Scotland and for the SNP. This is why SNP MSPs are pledging that we will call on the Prime Minster to veto TTIP if it does not explicitly exempt the NHS from the agreement.

“Our NHS staff do a fantastic job in our most treasured public institution and this work is too important to be put at risk from TTIP.

“The SNP will do everything in our power to protect our NHS and support the good work of our NHS staff – that is why we are signing this pledge.”

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  One Response to “Allard Calls On Cameron To Protect NHS From TTIP”

  1. Here’s an idea for Mr Allard. Why doesn’t he start explaining why our NHS is already in crisis, after eight years of an SNP government who recently reported a £444,000,000 underspend whilst our hospitals struggled to cope, instead of seeking to score party political points to further his democratically rejected ideological ambitions?

    Indeed, whilst he is about it, he might like to explain why the present SNP First Minister is spending tens of millions of pounds every year, on an airport which nobody uses, not least because there are little or no flights, whilst our hard pressed citizens queue at food banks.

    He might even like to explain why the SNP told us they had EU advice, then admitted this was a lie when instructed to publish the advice by the courts and why the ex SNP First Minister has refused to divulge exactly what he spent £54,000 of public funds on, during a short stay in a “luxury” Chicago hotel. After all, a man can surely only receive so many shoe -shines in a couple of days!

    One wonders why Mr Allard is so keen to call for action from politicians elsewhere, whilst refusing to explain or accept responsibility for the actions of his own government ministers. After all, what do the SNP have to hide?

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