Feb 172015

Christian Allard MSP for the North East of ScotlandfeatWith thanks to Ann-Marie Parry.

SNP MSPs Alex Salmond and Christian Allard have welcomed the “real progress” being made by NHS Grampian in addressing the recommendations of the Healthcare Improvement Scotland report published December last year.

Today’s update from NHS Grampian shows the work they are taking forward to recruit more nurses, better investigate and respond to complaints and develop sustainable plans to further improve unscheduled care.

The update comes ahead of Health Secretary Shona Robison’s visit to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary today.

Aberdeenshire East MSP Alex Salmond said:

“I am very pleased that the new leadership team at NHS Grampian are making real progress in implementing the Healthcare Improvement Scotland recommendations.

“I welcome the health board’s plans to recruit more nurses and take forward a strategy to make unscheduled care work better for patients.

“This SNP Government is committed to ensuring that this progress continues as is clear from the £49.1 million increase to the health board’s budget.

“This is the highest increases of any health board in Scotland and will bring NHS Grampian within 1% parity of NRAC, the NHS funding formula.”

North East MSP Christian Allard attended a NHS Grampian briefing for MSPs on Friday.

Commenting, Mr Allard (pictured) said:

“Staff at NHS Grampian are amongst the best working in NHS Scotland and they should be given high praise for the level of care they provide to North East patients. 

“Last week’s meeting with the NHS Grampian Board was very positive and this has been backed up by today’s update on the Healthcare Improvement Scotland action plan.”         

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  2 Responses to “MSPs Welcome Progress At NHS Grampian”

  1. Having brought the NHS in Scotland to crisis point, the SNP are now seeking plaudits for trying to sort out the unholy mess they created. This is not particularly surprising but, nonetheless, might be considered deceitful.

    The elderly are currently occupying beds, due to the lack of investment in social care, leading to longer and longer waiting lists, whilst the SNP sit back complacently and again, in my view, seek to con the electorate with their phoney statistics and patronising drivel.

    Alex Salmond, in my opinion, ought to retire gracelessly from politics, to spend more time with his betting slips, rather than continue to sell us his unique brand of snake oil.

  2. On the same day that SNP Health Secretary – Shona Robison apologises for “hundreds of cancelled operations” Alex Salmond tells us that “the SNP Government is committed to ensuring that this progress continues…”

    I’m sure patients across Scotland will be grateful to Mr Salmond for such comforting words.

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