Apr 042014
Christian Allard at Instant Neighbour foodbank

Christian Allard at Instant Neighbour foodbank.

With thanks to Stuart Donaldson, Constituency Officer to Christian Allard MSP.

North East MSP, Christian Allard has welcomed the decision by French company Atos to end its contract with the UK government early.
The company assesses people for benefits on behalf of the UK government and carries out tests to see if they are ‘fit to work’.

Commenting the French-born MSP said:

“It is telling that Atos are no longer willing to carry out these assessments on behalf of the Westminster government.

“The assessments, part of the welfare cuts agenda, are designed to harass and intimidate vulnerable people.

“This agenda is driving families further into poverty and emptying the shelves of local foodbanks in the North East.

“I would encourage those who feel strongly about these unfair tests to direct their anger at those responsible for implementing them, the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition at Westminster.

“There is an opportunity to do so this weekend with the Scottish Liberal Democrat conference taking place at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.”

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  4 Responses to “MSP Welcomes ATOS Decision to End Contract”

  1. Typical SNP in my opinion, always complaining about everything and anyone, but not having a clue what to do about it. (post moderated)

  2. Where, one wonders, does Monsieur Allard suggest we direct our anger at SNP politicians who continually insult our collective intellegence with in my opinion their un – costed, unsubstantiated, unbelievable fantasy presentation of a future independent Scotland in which we will all enjoy good health, free of charge, and have billion dollar oil wells in our back gardens, whilst everyone in the world will do what we tell them or be revealed as bluffing blustering scaremongers? (post moderated)

    • Think you’re a bit off the mark Bruce. All that the SNP are doing is pointing out that money, wasted by Westminster for generations, could be better spent. What would be your preference I wonder: meaningless and unwinnable wars and weapons of mass destruction that cannot be used, or new schools and hospitals?

      • Point taken Ron. I inadvertently took a wrong turning when getting out of bed yesterday.

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