Feb 042014

With thanksto David Officer, Box Office and Marketing

WoodendBarn600Woodend Barn is pleased to confirm that we have been successfully awarded capital funding, by Creative Scotland, which will enable us to upgrade our facilities significantly, to ensure a first class experience for our audience when attending our diverse programme and to help us develop artist residencies here on Royal Deeside.

Woodend Arts has been awarded £126,277 as part of Creative Scotland’s Large Capital Programme, sharing a fund worth £9.4 million which is being spread across 12 cultural organisations in Scotland.

While this is a substantial award, it represents 50% of the total needed for redevelopment.  If you would like to help Woodend Barn you can still do so by donating at our Local Giving page or joining our 100 Club.

Nicola Henderson, Woodend Arts Director:

“We are extremely excited to receive this grant from Creative Scotland towards our redevelopment of Woodend Barn. It gives us a chance to improve the Woodend Barn experience for our audiences and artists. We will be improving our seating, sound and lighting equipment and adding artist accommodation that will allow us to support more artists in residence that will enable the creation of more new work in Aberdeenshire.

“This investment in our infrastructure will help see the arts in Aberdeenshire flourish and allow us to continue to take the lead in the performing arts for the North East of Scotland.”

Janet Archer, Chief Executive of Creative Scotland, said:

“These funding awards support important elements of the cultural infrastructure across Scotland and will enable exciting and important projects  to progress and develop. All of these awards, and those that have come before, help to ensure that more people, in more parts of Scotland, can continue to access and enjoy excellent artistic and creative experiences.

“These announcements mean that there has been £166m of National Lottery funding for Capital and public art projects provided through Creative Scotland, and previously the Scottish Arts Council, since the creation of this funding route in 1995.”

This funding ensures our audience experience, which is already highly regarded, will improve further and allow us to further develop our artistic programme, proving our commitment to the arts in Deeside.  We thank our audience and volunteers for their continued support and hope they’re as excited about this award as we are.

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  1. Good news indeed. The Music Hall is sharing in the handout seemingly. I wonder why Aberdeen Arts Centre has been ignored.

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