Feb 042014

Radical Independence CampaignWith thanks to Radical Independence Campaign – Aberdeen.

RIC Aberdeen are having a meeting in Tillydrone Community Centre on Wednesday 5th February at 7:00pm (THIS WEDNESDAY).

Come along and find out more about the most important vote in our lifetime.

We hope your 2014 has started well, It is an important year for the people of Scotland. Radical Independence Aberdeen are dedicated to achieving independence as a first step in creating a greener, socially just Scotland.

Our campaign belongs to everyone who shares a radical vision of what Scotland can be, join us in the fight to help create that Scotland. The British system continues to reward those who exploit us; the bankers, expense cheating MPs and the bosses who dont pay people a living wage.

It is time for change.

It is up to ordinary people to stand together and campaign for an independent Scotland which serves us, protects the vulnerable and does not just operate in the interests of big business.  Come find out more.


Web – http://radicalindependence.org/
Twitter – @ric_abdn
Tel: 07813 085896

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