Nov 082013

By Sean McVeigh.

Radical Independence Campaign

Aberdeen’s Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) group will be hosting an open evening at 1830 in Woodside Fountain Centre on Thursday 14 November.

It will be a chance to discuss local issues and how they relate to Scottish independence, with people from diverse backgrounds.

RIC is hoping for plenty of questions and lively conversation about the kind of Scotland it wants to build.

The Radical Independence Conference will take place in Glasgow on Saturday 23 November. Last year’s conference attracted over 900 people from across Scotland. This year’s event is shaping up to be even bigger, with more discussion and more practical ideas.

Transport will be available from Aberdeen.

RIC is working for a Yes vote in 2014 as the first step towards a fairer, greener Scotland. It is built on six key visions:

  • Scotland can be a participative democracy, where no-one’s view is worth more because they have money.
  • Scotland can be a society of equality, where poverty is not accepted and tax redistributes wealth.
  • Scotland can be a just economy, where profit never justifies damaging people and the environment.
  • Scotland can be a great welfare state, where from cradle to grave society cares for all.
  • Scotland can be a good neighbour, where we seek to work with nations around the world to resolve global inequality, climate change and conflict.
  • Scotland can be a moral nation, where mutuality, cooperation and fellowship define our relationships.

RIC believes that UK politics has robbed Scotland from the Scottish people and that a Yes vote is the first step in getting it back.

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Telephone: 07813085896

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  4 Responses to “Radical Independence Campaign Visits Woodside”

  1. Sounds great. Do you think using the word “Radical” in your name is particularly useful, or descriptive?

    Seems to me that, if you’re serious about providing an alternative choice, you should change name. The word radical would only ever garner a protest vote.

    Going by your key visions, there is nothing radical about your views.

  2. I think it would be a mistake if Scotland became independent. It’s all very well if a person has a strong Scottish identity and wants to express this by voting for independence, but the generations that come after us will not be the better for it.

  3. I disagree with Sean. We have. possibly, a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve things for Scots. The over-riding benefit of independence would be a government voted for by Scots and accountable to them at the ballot box, something we have never had since The Act of Union in 1707.

    Just think, all the billions wasted on nuclear weapons and meaningless wars, where many of our young men and women perished needlessly and to no good end would be ended. The monies expended on those ventures could be put to much better use to the benefit of our nation and citizens

    In England, we have The Conservatives and UKIP posturing to leave the EU. Such a move would be a disaster for Scotland and we would have no say in it, as we have none in many important issues concerning us all.

    The scare stories being peddled by the “no” lobby are just that. They merely wish to keep their high profile position on the world stage and have no concern for the well being of the average voter, only the retention of power for themselves. There is no reason why Scotland could not retain the pound. There is no reason why we would have border posts at Hardrian’s Wall. There is no reason why warships could not continue to be built on The Clyde. It is all simply political posturing to gratify their lust for power.

    I would urge all to vote for independence to take our nation forward to become fairer and more compassionate. Many small countries are successful without all the natural resources we possess. Why could we not be also?

  4. Rico, I do think that our message when compared to the status quo is radical. And we are not a political party. We are a group of activists from various backgrounds so a protest vote will do nicely. We are more about building a mass body of people to stand up when the day of independence comes. You should cone along to the meeting to discuss this further.

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