Oct 212013

A Trees for Life volunteer plants a native tree in the Caledonian Forest

Scotland’s leading conservation volunteering charity Trees for Life has launched a new range of tree certificates through which people can celebrate special occasions or remember loved ones by helping to restore Scotland’s ancient Caledonian Forest.

Trees for Life will plant a dedicated native tree in the wild heart of the Scottish Highlands on behalf of each recipient of the new certificates – creating a forest that will benefit unique wildlife including red squirrels and pine martens, and which will be enjoyed by future generations for centuries to come.

“Having a tree or grove planted – and helping to ensure the return of one of Britain’s most remarkable areas of wild beauty – is a positive and thoughtful way to celebrate a birth or wedding, or to remember a loved one,” said Alan Watson Featherstone, Executive Director of Trees for Life.

“Every tree planted is a statement of care and concern for our planet, and will help us to breathe new life into the CaledonianForest. It shows that something can be done to tackle global problems such as deforestation, biodiversity loss and climate change.”

The climate and wildlife-friendly certificates include a choice of five designs – celebrations, in memory, births, weddings and general purpose – and personalised messages. The certificates are accompanied by information on the planting of the tree or trees, including directions for visiting. People dedicating two or more trees will receive an illustrated guide to the forest’s many fascinating species.

Although the Caledonian Forest once covered much of the Highlands, centuries of overgrazing and timber production have left this vital habitat – which supports species that are found nowhere else in the UK – in danger of being lost forever, with only small and isolated fragments of the original forest surviving.

However, Trees for Life has so far planted more than a million trees and has created 10,000 acres of new forest through the support of volunteers from all over the world. The award-winning charity’s Million More Trees campaign aims to establish a further million trees by planting and natural regeneration by 2018.

Each tree certificate costs £15 for the planting and dedication of one tree, with further trees costing £5 each. For details, see www.treesforlife.org.uk or call 0845 458 3505.

celebrate-text 707 x 1000

Trees for Life’s new general celebration certificate

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