Oct 182013

With thanks to Alexander Henderson of the Aberdeen Yes campaign.

Blair Jenkins - Peter McNally

Blair Jenkins, head of the Yes campaign.

The 24th of October marks the intensification of the referendum debate in Aberdeen with the first visit of a major name to the Granite City.

Blair Jenkins, head of the Yes campaign, comes to the city to put forward his vision and opinion on the positive, inclusive vision of Scotland a Yes vote in September 2014 could deliver.

Blair will give a short address before opening the floor to questions from the audience.

This event provides a unique opportunity for the public to put their questions and concerns to the very top man in the Yes campaign.

For those unsure or sceptical about the advantages of a Yes vote in September next year this is a great opportunity to come along and listen to and discuss with Blair a whole range of topics including defence, welfare, the economy and much more.

The event begins at 19.30 in the MacRobert Lecture Theatre at Aberdeen University.

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  One Response to “Head Of Yes Campaign To Visit Aberdeen”

  1. Why anyone would even consider voting “no” in the North East troubles me. For nearly two generations the wealth created in Aberdeen and it’s environs has been milked off by Westminster for various dubious schemes which were of no benefit to Scotland whatsoever.

    We could join the number of successful small nations in the world if we so chose who are not involved in un-winnable wars and the nuclear arms race. Only time will tell if we have the vision to do so.

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