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With thanks to Doug Haywood.

The Aberdeen Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) will be holding a People’s Assembly in the Foyer from 1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. on Saturday 25th May.

This is a chance for people to come together, share ideas, ask questions and discuss the kind of Scotland that we want to build.

The event is free and speakers will include John Finnie MSP, Susan Archibald the Disability Rights Campaigner, Maggie Chapman a Green Party Councillor, Jill from Aberdeen Against Austerity and Euan Benzie from the local RIC group.

Aberdeen RIC was set up following the national Radical Independence Conference in November last year which agreed a Declaration that is explicit about what we need for the citizens of Scotland.

The UK is the 4th most unequal country in the developed world.   Alistair Darling, head of the NO campaign has said that Labour will cut “tougher and deeper” than Thatcher.  No matter who is in power in Westminster, a fairer society will not be on their agenda and the worst of the austerity cuts are still to come.

A YES vote in 2014 is the first step towards a fairer Scotland.  This is not just a campaign for independence but a campaign for a better Scotland which we believe can only begin with independence.

We are tired of complaining about Britain – it is time to talk about what Scotland can be.

Scotland can be a participative democracy.

  • Where no-one’s view is worth more because they have money.
  • Where financial interests don’t drown out the voices of the people.
  • Where decision-making belongs to the many and not just an elite.
  • Where communities are not told what they will be given but decide what they need.
  • Where our institutions are reformed to include the people in their governance.
  • Where the media is balanced, education creates active citizens and information is free to all.

Scotland can be a society of equality.

  • Where poverty is not accepted.
  • Where pay gaps are small and poverty wages are ended.
  • Where tax redistributes wealth.
  • Where no human attribute is a justification for discrimination and prejudice. Where human rights are universal.

Scotland can be a just economy. 

  • Where profit never justifies damaging people and the environment.
  • Where essential industries are owned by all and not exploited by the few.
  • Where workers have the right to fair treatment and to defend themselves.
  • Where industrial democracy makes better businesses.
  • Where investment is for development, not for speculation.

Scotland can be a great welfare state.

  • Where the social contract is not between the state and the people but between the people themselves.
  • Where from cradle to grave society cares for all regardless.
  • Where delivering more and better social services is the national priority, not austerity.
  • Where the government of the people is never used to create private wealth.

Scotland can be a good neighbour.

  • Where we seek to work with nations around the world to resolve global inequality, climate change and conflict.
  • Where we never join international alliances for exploitation and war.
  • Where we work to reform and democratise multinational institutions.
  • Where we see our deeds, our national culture and our values as a message of hope.

Scotland can be a moral nation.

  • Where mutuality, cooperation and fellowship define our relationships.
  • Where we are good stewards of our country and hand it on to the next generation in a better state than we inherit it.
  • Where our values are not dominated by greed, selfishness and disregard for others but by patience, generosity, creativity, peacefulness and a determination to be better.

This is a Scotland which British politics has robbed from the Scottish people.  We want it back!

Our future is unknown, which is good.  Only in uncertainty can hope and possibility prosper.

We choose the chance to fight for a better Scotland; we reject the offer to endure more of the same indefinitely. We are socialists, feminists, trade unionists, greens. We are from the peace movement, from anti-poverty campaigns, from anti-racists groups. We are community activists, civil liberty campaigners, the equalities movement and more.

This is going to be a lively afternoon and we hope that as many people as possible will come to ask questions and contribute to the conversation.

The Aberdeen People’s Assembly is being held in:

The Foyer,
Marywell Centre,
Marywell Street,
Saturday 25th May.
1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. 

For more information check out our Facebook page at or telephone 07813 085896.

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