May 022013

With thanks to Ruth Sawers.

A new music venue, Downstairs is set to open in the Malt Mill on the 3rd May, with the emphasis on the provision of affordable music for everyone, while promoting up and coming local talent.

Downstairs is the brainchild of the Dunfermline pair, Gavin Bassett and David Mcghie, both having previously worked in the catering trade.

David’s background is in management with Belhaven while Gavin’s experience includes working in a rock bar and in gig promotion.

Determined to combine their individual strengths and step further into the promotion of up and coming talent, Aberdeen’s Malt Mill ended a countrywide search for the ideal space for the project.

Having Aberdeen connections, Gavin and David were aware of the thriving music scene and felt there was room for another venue where everyone could enjoy the talents of what Aberdeen has to offer the music world.

Bringing with them £6000 of equipment, including a brand new PA system and back line, the benefits to the local music scene is fantastic.

Add to this a desire for flexible working arrangements, Downstairs is set to become one of very few, readily equipped, city entertainment venues accessible to local bands, artists and promoters who want to organise, take responsibility for and run, their own events.

Downstairs aims to host live music of all genres plus live comedy and open mic nights, five nights a week – all for affordable entry fees.

Let’s hope Aberdeen welcomes and supports them.

For further information contact:

Ruth Sawers at or by telephone on 07858703467 or
Gavin Bassett at or by telephone on 07411511823