Feb 082013

Lynn Anderson was moved by the City Council’s action against Tullos Hill’s environment and animals, and by the City Council’s inaction when it came to providing sensible answers to her questions.

She has created a petition to demonstrate that the concern for Aberdeen’s environment and its wildlife has not gone away.

Lynn explains to Aberdeen Voice.

“After sending numerous letters and emails to Aberdeen City Council and being fobbed off with excuses, I decided to start a petition against the culling of deer on Tullos Hill. Like everyone else who has campaigned against this, I am appalled at the way in which ACC has gone about the Tree for Every Citizen Scheme.”

“They refuse to listen to our opinions and seem to think it is a small minority of people who are against the scheme and the deer cull. I hope to collect thousands of signatures worldwide with this petition in the hope that they might sit up and listen.”

The petition can be found here: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/aberdeen-city-council-stop-culling-deer-2

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  3 Responses to “Petition Launched To Counter Deer Culls”

  1. Tullos Hill is not the only location where deer are being slaughtered unnecesssarily. On 4 occassions in as many weeks, deer have been killed at the Back o’ Bennachie. It has been done by Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) rangers under cover of darkness. They drive along the logging roads using high powered spotlights to find the deer before shooting them. The deer are gutted where they fall and the entrails left there to be found by any passing dogs – the area is very popular with dog walkers. As with Tullos Hill., no warning signs have ever been posted at the entrances to the forest. to let people know that guns are being fired in a public place.

    • very valid points, and goodness knows why previously stable deer populations are now being targeted (literally) and cruel methods of population controls (if needed at all for creatures which live 6-7 years on average) are pushed by the SNH (in my opinion). I believe there were though at one time some farily clear direct signs used at Bennachie, as opposed to ambiguous signs at Tullos. In summary, very happy to see this petition, and have signed. Please do think about the issues, and if you agree, please sign and share

  2. I have supported Suzanne Kelly and her mammoth efforts since the start, although not physically able to take part in outside activities. I am so glad that you have taken up the cudgels to expose this thoughtless and expensive under-cover destruction of all the deer and other wildlife and surrounding natural environment and I support all your efforts to halt this on-going and needless destruction which still goes ahead elsewhere as well. It is diabolical that this carnage continues to be carried out despite every protest by the public leaving in its wake scenes of ravaged once beautiful natural habitat. We just have to continue to do all we can do to protect our beautiful and unique Scottish natural heritage. I’m glad to sign the petition.

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