Mar 032012

Dear Editor,

We, the undersigned Community Councils, representing circa 25,900 Aberdeen citizens, unite in our unanimous decision to strongly oppose Aberdeen City Council’s (ACC) cull of the roe deer on Tullos Hill.

Local people have objected in their thousands by signing petitions, inundating the council with letters and emails and voting in a poll conducted by STV which showed 80% opposed the cull. Despite this evidence, ACC has dismissed this as a minority and is hell bent on pursuing this ill thought out, unwanted and unsustainable project.

We deplore the undemocratic and misleading communication throughout this project. The limited public consultation was seriously flawed and made no mention of a deer cull. Community Councils and the general public were given incomplete information, allowing ACC’s intention to cull to remain unchallenged at this early stage.

We do not accept that the Council’s Tree for Every Citizen scheme is reason enough to kill deer who have been living on Tullos Hill for generations. As Community Councils, representing people living in the areas surrounding Tullos Hill, we recognise that the deer are a valued resource and have been a source of joy for both locals and tourists.

ACC are claiming to deliver “community woods for local people as well as magical places for wildlife” yet have begun this scheme by dismissing the local community’s opinion and are only too willing to kill the already resident wildlife.

We call on Aberdeen City Council to act now with a genuine and real concern for your citizens and wildlife alike. Listen to the voices of the people who elected you, cancel the cull and let the Tullos Hill deer live.

Kincorth & Leggart Community Council
Nigg Community Council
Torry Community Council

Kincorth & Leggart Community Council
29 Tollohill Place
Aberdeen AB12 5EB
Main Contact – Chairperson
Mr. G Bennett
Tel: 07894 578655
Second Contact – Secretary
Catherine Cowie
27 Abbotswell Crescent
Aberdeen AB12 5QP

Nigg Community Council
Lochinch Cottage
Aberdeen AB12 3LL
Main Contact – Mr. A Strachan Chairperson
18 Redmoss Road
Aberdeen AB12 3JN
Tel 01224 897638
Second Contact – Secretary
Ms J Gall

Torry Community Council
235 North Balnagask Road
Aberdeen AB11 8LH
Main Contact – Secretary
Ms Dawn Bellamy
Tel 07917 355883