Sep 242010

(Noo the Richt Gits University)

by Bob Smith.

The Donald his been awarded
A University honorary degree
His the principal gin aff his heid
At yon learned placie by the Dee?

Anither case o booin’ an scrapin’
Foo muckle mair hiv we ti thole
Maybe the principal’s efter a jobbie
On big Donald Trump’s peyroll

The chiel’s bin awarded an Hon DBA
Is att “Donald Bide Awa” ?
Or is it maybe a doctorate
Fir jist bein’ a bliddy blaw?

The mannie he’s bein’ “mortared”
Wi iss degree in Business Administration
Am sure Michael Forbes wid like ti hae
A doctorate in Businessmen Castration

The chancellor chiel o the RGU
Fa else bit yon titled “Widdie”
It’s the rich presentin’ ti the rich
Or ae diddy ti anither diddy

Wull the Donald on the day
Hiv ti weer a braw bit goonie?
Fit some fowk micht think is iss
The University’s gin bliddy loonie

Noo nae doot the great an gweed
O Aiberdeen wull aa be watchin’
Maybe thinkin’ is’t his ain hair
Or is’t a bit o thatchin’ ?

Ae degree Trump’ll nivver receive
Is fae the University o’ Life
He’s weel doon it’s listie
Cos he’s causin’ ower muckle strife

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2010