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Did you know that one child uses on average six and a half thousand nappies from birth to potty training?  This results in 8 million disposable nappies being thrown away in Britain every day!  That’s 2.4% of all household waste!

If you think that real nappies are square terry towelling and need soaking and boiling you are wrong.  In fact real nappies come in different designs, shapes and colours and they don’t need pins.

The Grampian Real Nappy Project run by environmental charity Aberdeen Forward promotes the use of real nappies to the people of Grampian.  If you or someone you know is expecting a baby why not get in touch with the project where you can get information and advice on real nappies and even book a FREE real nappy lending kit.  If you are interested in saving money and helping the environment then real nappies could be for you.

Let’s try to break the real nappy myths!

The Grampian Real Nappy Project offers:

• Information and advice

• Free real nappy lending kits to try before you buy

• A selection of nappies for sale

• Buy back facility for nappies no longer required

• Talks, presentations and demos to individuals, groups and health care professionals

• Volunteer network

• Nappuccinos – have a natter and coffee with like minded parents

If you would like advice on any of the above or would like to pre-book
a real nappy lending please contact Vicky on 01224 560360

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visit –

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  1. Hello
    We have 2 children and paid about £400 plus for cloth reusable nappies about 13 years ago. They have been boxed up for the last 8 years. Does anyone want them? We want to donate them to someone who will use them rather than us having to throw them away. Thanks
    John Askey

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