Oct 082010

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Few people – and even fewer mothers – would deny the ease and convenience of disposable nappies, yet they are relatively costly in terms of the family budget and to the environment.

Now, as part of its Real Nappie project, local environmental charity Aberdeen Forward  is hoping to raise awareness of the issue and at the same time help newly-established charity North East Scotland Support for Romania (NESSR).

The two charities will combine forces at a Coffee Morning this Saturday at Udny Station Hall where staff will be on hand to advice on the environmental and financial advantages of using natural materials for these essentials. All nappies donated will be given to NESSR for delivery to Romanian orphanages and parents.

Aberdeen Forward spokeswoman Vicki Brown explained: ‘There are 8 million disposable nappies used each day in the UK alone. This is hugely detrimental to the environment and expensive options for families. Most end up in landfill sites, they take forever to biodegrade and many people using them are unaware of this. We are keen to get this message out and if we can encourage awareness in other countries too, then that’s fantastic. Of course we’re also delighted to be able to help another charity at the same time.’

NESSR is a recently formed charity which has taken over the role played by the Romanian Support Group which was affiliated with the New Hope Trust based in Peterhead. It provides humanitarian aid – such as money, clothing and bedding – which is distributed through church agencies to communities and families in Western Romania.

Sep 242010

Aberdeen Forward…Aberdeen Forward…Aberdeen Forward…Aberdeen Forward…

Did you know that one child uses on average six and a half thousand nappies from birth to potty training?  This results in 8 million disposable nappies being thrown away in Britain every day!  That’s 2.4% of all household waste! Continue reading »