Jul 162010

By Corrie Cheyne.

With constant reports of climate change or predicted shortages of oil, energy, water and food, it’s no surprise that people are uneasy about our future. A growing number of people around the world believe that we should equip ourselves to adapt to these changes and manage the transition to a more sustainable future – an aim shared by the Transition Towns initiative.

Corrie Cheyne, the Transition Project Officer, is developing a programme of allotment regeneration, garden-share and training workshops to develop some of the skills needed for a community-led transition initiative.

Many workshops and courses have been organised for 2010. To find out more, visit our website at Aberdeen Forward

Most people now realise that our fossil fuels won’t last forever, and that climate change is a real and frightening prospect. We need to find ways to bridge the energy gap between supply and demand and we need to do it fast. As well as investing in sustainable energy sources, we need to reduce the demand for energy in our everyday lives.

Aberdeen Forward, a local environmental charity, is addressing this issue by preparing the ground for a Transition initiative in Aberdeen City.

The Transition model aims to help communities respond to the challenges and opportunities of peak oil and climate change, by inspiring them to take action at a local level. It recommends ‘reskilling’ to equip ourselves for a lower-fuel future. The model proposes ways to strengthen communities and lead them towards a happier, healthier and more sustainable future.

As Transition Officer for Aberdeen Forward, I have been tackling this issue in several ways:

An ongoing series of workshops and training in sustainability-related topics, from sewing and upholstery to permaculture and wild food foraging

A programme of clearing derelict allotments, so that they can be put back into use growing local food

Planning a landshare project, where people can share garden space or develop community growing space
Climate Change workshops, leading to the establishment of working groups in issues such as transport, food, land use and energy.

So often, people don’t know how they, as individuals, can help, and so they sit back and wait for “someone to do something”.

Now, though, they can join in the Transition process and help to create the kind of world they want to see. By taking part in small-scale activities on a local level, they can help to change their own community for the better. They can do as much or as little as they like, but know that they’re taking real steps towards tackling climate change and inspiring others to do the same.

Contact details, as well as a full list of the workshops and booking details, can be found on our website.

Funding has been provided by the Climate Challenge Fund.
Aberdeen Forward is a registered charity: Scottish Charity no SCO34866