Aug 272010

Another rant from Aberdeen’s adopted crustacean Rapunzel Wizard.

Are androids voted for by electric sheep?
We’re in our forties in our suits
from a public school laboratory.
We look like you but we’re not
cos we’ve no human empathy.

We’re the Eton Replicants
pre-formed to form your government.
We’re the Eton Replicants.
We hate common things
like common sense.

We’re androids built on privilige.
We would fail the Voight-Kampff test.
The ruling elite couldn’t slash and burn
if we had compassion or concern.

I’ve seen the servants at Eton Wick
their council estate makes me sick.
You might think we’re a feudal joke
“Peasants feel our Norman Yoke!”

We’re the Eton Replicants
reptilian and repugnant.
We’re the Eton Replicants
born to form your government.

We’re modelled on a Nexus Six.
Handshakes hide an iron fist.
We’re the invasion of the bodysnatchers
implanted spawn of Maggie Thatcher.

We’re the Eton Replicants
against us there is no defence.
There’ll be a public sector vasectomy
it will go the way of a rat in V.

We’re the Eton Replicants
like Roy Batty our government
might die in four years
but we’d still be here
amongst you.

Rapunzel Wizard is a locally based performance poet who will be appearing this week at The Coffee House, Gaelic Lane …. see Upcoming Events. He also hosts Jam Factory – an open mic session at The Moorings every Sunday.