Aug 132010

One Wedding and All Our Funerals… A poem by Rapunzel Wizard, a locally based performance poet who is 96% human and 4% woolly mammoth, and refuses to get a proper job or a haircut.

At Number Ten
stood on the steps
is a double act
with the emphasis on act

Like an Ant and Dec
but with more cant and smeg
it’s Posh and Cleggs

And their slapstick attempt
at government
is more horror and la-di-dah
than Laurel and Hardy are

They’re starting to look identical to us churls
like a privileged, geeky Cheeky Girls
…but with less talent

The Con/Dem pact
is in fact
it’s the upper class
up their own arse

And I’m heartily sick
of Dave and Nick
of Dave and Nick
of Dave and Nick
or is it
Knave and Dick?
Knave and Dick?
Knave and Dick?
or Knave and Dick–Head?