Jul 302010

The view of Barry Black, Aberdeen Youth Councillor and youth link for Friends of Sunnybank Park.

Scottish SNP Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill, said in August 20, 2009, “For these reasons [Cancer will kill him within three months] – and these reasons alone – it is my decision that Mr Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, convicted in 2001 for the Lockerbie bombing, now terminally ill with prostate cancer, be released on compassionate grounds and allowed to return to Libya to die.”

I remember watching this. Do you? One of those moments in history about which people will ask, “Where were you when the Lockerbie bomber was released?” I was in my kitchen, watching Kenny MacAskill on TV addressing the country, with a trembling top lip, tear-filled eyes and a deeply emotional voice delivering a well-rehearsed speech. I do not think he wanted to be there. Neither do I believe, as he kept reminding us, that, “It was my decision and my decision alone…”

As pressure mounts from Barack Obama’s Democrat administration to reveal the real reasons for the Megrahi release, many questions are being raised by British and American media, public and government. Surely the reason was that in August 2009 Megrahi had three months to live? But, a year on and he’s still alive? I wouldn’t want the doctor who assessed him to assess me. Or maybe he did, and I’m not diabetic after all?

The US Senate has demanded an inquiry into the Scottish Justice Minister’s decision, even hinting that it may have been part of some shady oil deal to allow BP to drill in Libyan waters.

‘Call Me Dave’ Cameron was in Washington this week meeting Barack and held a joint press conference where they were on first name terms and spoke of their respect for each other. A posh white Etonite and a middle class black man? I get it. Anyway, a US media hackette asked our ‘beloved’ PM whether or not his government would hold an inquiry into MacAskill’s decision. His succinct reply stated that it wasn’t up to his government, that it was Scotland’s *cough* SNP’s *cough* decision. He called for all relevant papers to be published, including medical reports and a report of Mr MacAskill’s ‘suspicious’ meeting with the terrorist himself. And so they should be.

Kenny MacAskill has since denied any deal between Scotland and Libya. The First Minister has also denied that BP influenced the decision. Fair enough, but why has former UK Justice Minister Jack Straw been quoted as saying the decision was based on trade? Hmm..

Why did MacAskill not contact Straw or Gordon Brown or indeed any UK government representative? Ok, it’s a devolved power but surely seeking advice from another body would have been wise and if the now lying-low Brown disliked the decision why did he himself not become involved? Don’t you think the SNP refusal to discuss anything with the then government was childish? Look where it’s left us – at political war with our ‘mates’ across the pond!

Isn’t it time we knew the truth? Isn’t it time the SNP – sorry, the Scottish Government, got off its high-horse and admitted it f****d up big time? Of course not – elections are imminent, after all.

Kenny, you mentioned that you were upholding Scottish values of caring, compassion and decency, that you were making the decision on behalf of the Scottish people. I’m Scottish and I would have let the scumbag rot in jail. Where’s the compassion for the victims, Kenny? Were they allowed to go home to be surrounded by their loved ones? No, they’re in graves now and according to you, by now, so should Megrahi.

Didn’t it make every one of you sick, when Megrahi left the aircraft and Libyans were waving Scottish flags in celebration of his return?

MacAskill has declined the opportunity to go to the USA to give evidence to support his decision. Why did he decline? Because he cannot support it – or because it was a corrupt decision? Will we ever know?

So Kenny, a year on – why?

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