Jan 272018

Devilhand @ Noah Point Inn, Aberdeen – A review by Doug Down.

What can I say? The name of the venue says it all. This reviewer is lost. Musically, and in terms of Genre, I am between homes, too many homes, and yet I fear I will tonight lie asleep on a bed not of my choosing, in a dwelling I  would not choose to visit. Such was the journey ‘Devilhand’ crooked their collected fingers and led us on tonight. 

To cut a long story short, which may well be the worst thing a journalist might dare to say, anyone at all sensitive to sound, became time-blind … and possibly went home extremely happy, expecting to arrive home 15 minutes before they left home to attend. 

Already, counterclaims have been honoured by taxi firms who have been unable to reconcile timestamps on receipts.

Apologies offered,  forthcoming, and possibly further forthcoming …. I have been asked to ‘cover’ an event which appears above cover, undercover, and all around the edges, and to the extent of every corner …. but … I cannot help but express surprise at the fact I have published the above report half way through that darned Devilhand gig, and yet claim to know what happened after, and expect to be taken seriously. 

Aberdeen Voice has agreed to publish my account only on condition that I declare thet I am speaking a load of shite …. to which I agree.