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In its infinite wisdom, Aberdeen City Council has turned its back on the voices from the past pleading for this special place to remain undeveloped. We’re losing more countryside so we can have more office spaces. Fiona Archibald paid a final visit to this wildlife haven – before the tree fellers and bulldozers move in – and made this photoessay.

roe deer at Loirston by Fiona ArchibaldSpoke with ranger today who tells me the trees at the Loirston Loch will be felled in about two weeks to make way for the new development.

Have walked my dogs there daily for around 3 years.

He is not sure if we will get access to the site from that time onwards.

loirston loch by f archibald 1Feeling sad and gutted.

The ranger was quite sad as he told me, the ones are Loirston are not that happy about the development.

I felt quite teary as I walked round with my dogs, they have grown up there.

I have taken so many pictures.

short eared owlAbsolutely heart sick about it.

The short eared owl will disappear when they start with noise etc.

There have been about 15 photographers up from the NE Wildife Scotland site, since I discovered him.


Loirston sign by Fiona Archibald

A weathered sign at Loirston Loch read:

“It is important to protect this area of countryside from being built upon.”
Respected for decades, it, the trees, the habitat and the wildlife are all being swept aside.


buzzardbut what is this a bore hole being dug for 1500 houses on this land by Fiona Archibald.

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