Sep 282015

Award-winning director Anthony Baxter tells Aberdeen Voice’s Suzanne Kelly of an upcoming BBC screening of ‘Dark Side Of The Greens’ that is an absolute must for Trump-watchers.


The BBC is broadcasting an hour long version of Montrose Picture’s latest film (originally called A Dangerous Game in the cinema release) this Wednesday 30 September at 9pm.

Over the weekend the national papers gave the programme universally favourable reviews and it’s Mark Kermode’s TV film of the week.

Given the fact that Donald Trump is currently frontrunner as the Republican nomination for the Presidential race, it may have additional relevance obviously.

And there’s plenty of Scottish material in it too of course.

Baxter and his partner fellow journalist Richard Phinney were infamously arrested on the Menie Estate for having the temerity to ask Trump staff when the Forbes family were likely to have running water restored (Trump’s construction team ‘accidentally’ broke the pipes and didn’t fix them for a week).

The issue of reliable running water remains problematic – as does the once unquestionable freedom of the press in Scotland, and the former absolute legal protection that SSSI sites like the Menie Estate’s moving sand dune system had.

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  3 Responses to “BBC Airs Montrose Pictures’ Dangerous Game”

  1. I do hope everyone watches this, I have been looking forward to seeing it. I watched the first film, & I know that friends in the US have watched it on my recommendation – they’re not fans of The Donald either! It being Mark Kermode’s “TV film of the week” might bring it a wider audience that it would normally have garnered.

  2. This programme provided an excellent opportunity for me to rediscover my anger and astonishment at the way this unusual example of humanity was not only permitted to ride roughshod over legal protection, established democratic procedure and the human rights of ordinary Scots, but that he did so with the full cooperation, encouragement and toadying of the Scottish Government, particularly Alex Salmond, Aberdeen Journals, our forces of law and order and both Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City Councils.

    What is it about the vulgarity of obscene wealth which turns otherwise intelligent and honest individuals into such slavering sycophants?

    • Could not agree with you more, Mr Wood – I had a few “I didn’t remember that” & “I can’t believe he said that” moments. I had the pleasure of meeting David Milne shortly after the first film was broadcast, & made a point of telling him how appalled I was by what was happening & how much I admired him for his stand. One thing Trump said, I think in the first film, but it was shown again last night, when he commented “Mr Milne has a house that is, frankly, unattractive” is making my blood boil all over again as I type this – Trump is hardly the arbiter of good taste, never mind the “environmental expert” he claimed to be, among other things. The tourism award was simply laughable – does he really think people are that uninformed? The letter Mr Forbes received from someone in San Francisco apologising for “our worst American export” would have been amusing if it wasn’t so sad & true.

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